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Mechanic One) Strange, the generator blew out. Hey, Goldstone, can you get the backup generator online while I fix this thing?

Mechanic Two) The backup generator is out too. Someone stole the power cell. Not to mention the chassis is a bit... well, broken. 


The energy tether holding Chalcedony retract, freeing her, and the energy wall slowly sputters out. All the lights go off. Chalcedony bubbles both the map and keycard, sending them to a pocket dimension for safe storage. She runs a finger down her knife to examine the length and cut of the blade. Serrated. About 8 inches long. More of a short sword really. Decent reach, but not good enough to defeat the warden in a sparring match. She'd have to eliminate him slowly, and quietly.

Chalcedony slowly creeps towards the Warden's office, located two levels above the current floor. She takes her time to stop, look around corners and listen for guard patrols. She wondered how much time she had left before the lights came back on. The coast was clear. She made a run for the door to the Warden's office, only recognizable from a dim glow given off by the keycard reader, still working from a small personal generator. Chalcedony pulled the keycard out of her pocket dimension, and tapped it against the device, opening the door. The warden was fast asleep, with his legs on the desk. Well, as asleep as a gem could be, atleast. She slowly creeped her way behind the warden. She took a deep breath in. 

Chalcedony plunged the knife into Warden's neck, where his gem was located. Before he could scream, she covered his mouth with her hand. She twisted the knife, cracking his gem.

Chalcedony) Shh... It will be over soon.

She whispered in his ear. An old habit she picked up during the Gem War on Earth. She pulled out the blade, shattering the gem, and causing the Warden's physical body to disipate into the fragments of his gem. She took the keycard off his desk, as well as retrieving her rapier. Looking at it brought back memories from the Gem War. Bad memories. 


A gruff, old gem in military uniform shouted from atop a Crystalline Hover Tank. His gem glowed with a red aura that empowered his soldiers. 

Gem Commander Almandine) Heed my words and know victory! Lose your fire, men! Annhilate the rebels! CHARGE!

His soldiers bellowed a battle cry, and charged forward, firing rifles at the retreating rebels. Chalcedony was leading the charge. As an augmented Gem, she made the perfect leader for the battle. She ran forward at incredible speeds, through the suppresive fire of the enemy. She pounced on one unfortunate gem, cutting across his gem, poofing him. She continued this, cutting through the back of their lines, a whirlwind of death. 

After the battle, she viewed the aftermath. Regenerating gems were destroyed. Those willing to cooperate were sent to the homeworld for imprisonment. Chalcedony was fighting for her own life, yes, but she still felt guilty. She was never the same after she had to kill her first target. She outright refused to kill afterthat, instead learning how to cut the gem in such a way to force a regeneration. It didn't matter in the end, as they would be shot, but sometimes one would escape. 


Her Rapier glowed blue and dispersed, heaing into her gem, located on the left side of her chest. She looked at the shards of the Warden's gem. Chalcedony shed a single tear, and bubbled them. She wanted to bury them. 

The Turbolift to the surface was not far away now. She boarded it, and set the destination for the surface. The Warden's Keycard allowed her to make the trip with no stops. Once at the surface level, she looked up at the sprawling, urban, metropolis, then to the sky. The stars were beautiful. She hadn't seen the sky in centuries. In the prison, the only thing she could look up to was carbon ceilings. She noticed another letter pinned to the wall. 

"Dear Chalcedony,

       If you are reading this, you have successfully made your way out of the prison. By now, they have noticed you have escaped and that the warden is dead. Sniper teams headed by ex-big game hunter turned bounty hunter Bloodstone have been deployed on rooftops, and the city is under martial law by head of Homeworld Defense Almandine. You must know of him. He was your commander during the Gem Wars. You must make your way to the central warp pad in the Capitol, where you will meet with one of our agents. There he will take you to Drovan-5, a agrarian planet close in proximity to Earth. 


-A friend whom you'll meet soon.

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