This is the 9th episode in the Legend of Sapphire series.


When a new threat arrives in Beach City, an old rivalry with this threat and Jade will return.


The episode starts with Jade and Sapphire training on the beach. The two are sparing with Sapphire using his ice magic and Jade using her dragon powers. Jade forms into her dragon form and takes to the air and dive bombs at Sapphire. Although Jade was quick, Sapphire managed to avoid the attacks and continued to spar. Sapphire then blasted beams of ice at Jade and managed to hit her but it didn't have much of an affect on Jade. Following that attack, Jade made smoke come out of her mouth making Sapphire lose his vision to defend. In the smoke, Jade transformed back and tackled Sapphire, pinning him down as the smoke then vanish. Sapphire told her how amazed he was with her powers which made her blush a little causing her to lose focus. With that moment, Sapphire then rolled over to pin down Jade which made her blush even more. They got up and Sapphire then asked where she learned that magic. Jade didn't want to talk about it at first but Sapphire told her that she could trust him no matter how dark or silly it was. Jade took a deep breath and began to tell Sapphire about her master named Dragon Opal. Jade told about how powerful she was and how she taught her some of her powers. Sapphire then asked what happened to Dragon Opal and Jade revealed that one day she wanted to control Homeworld and tried to invade which meant betraying her own kind. Jade also revealed that she turned against her master to protect Homeworld which then ended the bond between master and student. Sapphire was suprised with this seeing how something so good can be made by something so bad. Jade began to blush for hearing that and playfully punched him on the shoulder. They saw the sunset setting a perfect mood and Jade decided that she wanted to give a kiss to Sapphire. The two looked into each others' eyes but Sapphire didn't seem to feel it as a romantic moment like Jade did. But before Jade could even make an attempt to even lean in for the kiss. a bright crimson glow flashed in the sky and a spaceship decended from the sky.

The rest of the brothers and the Crystal Gems run outside to see the ship in the air. This one was an interesting designs for a ship that had a similar look to a dragon. Lepidolite asked what that ship was and why was it hear. Jade look closely at the ship and realized who it was. She then quickly summoned her mace for battle which lead the other gems to summon their weapons. The ship then slowly landed on the beach and opened its hatch with blue smoke coming out of it. As it opened, a red dragon and a blue dragon came out from the ship and began to attack. The red dragon seemed to focus on the Crystal Gems, while the blue dragon tried to get the brothers. The red dragon whipped it tail at Steven knocking him to the ground which then made the dragon slowly approach him. But as the dragon got closer, Lapis then used her battle fans to slice the dragon. Enraged it breathed its fire and Lapis and began to chase her. The blue dragon began to breath fire at the Brothers but the brothers were too quick for the dragon and evaded the attacks for the dragon and tried to attack. But before they could hit them, the dragon flew into the air and launched massive fireballs at the brothers. The were about to hit but Sapphire created a quick dome out of ice which protected them long enough for them to get away from the dragon. The dragons then cornered all of the gems and were about to attack but before they could, they turned around and faced the ship. The two dragons then walked up to it and began to bow as if something or someone inside of the ship was controlling the dragons. A figure then comes from the blue fog on the ship revealing a beautiful blue and crimson gem. Jade then hid behind the other gems so Dragon Opal wouldn't see her. Dragon Opal commmand the dragons to get the brothers and quickly they coiled their bodies around the brothers and brought them forward. The Crystal Gems command that they would let them go but Dragon opal didn't listen and just continued with her plans.

She then walked up to the brothers and began to stare at all of them with her red dragon eyes. Onyx then asked what she was doing and why she invaded the planet. Dragon Opal then told them that she wanted to control the galaxy and the only things standing in her way was the brothers. Onyx declared that they will never be stopped no matter what she tried and then tried to use his dark magic but for some reason it didn't work. Dragon Opal then began to giggle a little and told that the dragons had a power to prevent anything they grab to use magic. She then command one of the dragons to bring Sapphire forward first. The dragon then moved its body so Sapphire would be in front of the others. Dragon Opal had heard stories about Sapphire and how he was deformed. She told that his deformity was an insult to her beauty so she wanted to finish him first. She then transformed into a massive dragon and let out a massive roar. Jade noticed this and couldn't stand by and let her hurt the gem she loves. Dragon Opal opened her massive dragon jaws and was about to bite him but Jade quickly transformed into a dragon breathed fire at Dragon Opal. After the shot was made, Dragon Opal looked and remembered who the other dragon was. She began to go into a massive dragon fight against Jade which demonstrated Dragon Opal's full power. She scratched her claws at specific points that eventually weakened Jade which forced her to go back to her normal form. Dragon Opal then transformed back and summoned a duel headed axe. Dragon Opal was impressed by Jade's skill but it was not enough to best her. She was about to slice her with the axe but then Lapis charged at Dragon Opal and sliced her with her fans. It didn't do much damage but she was annoyed. She remembered how protective she was of Steven and decided to mess with her mind a little.

Dragom Opal looked at Steven and told him the he was so cute. Steven blushed from this and Lapis began to get a little irritated by it. She then told Steven that she would love it if she could feel him in her arms which really got Lapis mad from this. Lapis then began to use the water around her to try to strike Dragon Opal but she dodged them all. Dragon Opal then tells Steven that she thinks the two of them would make a cute couple which got Lapis so mad that the water she was controlling began to boil. Dragon Opal then decided to go too far and walked up to Steven and gave him a kiss on the check which made Steven blush but was agitated by the kiss. Lapis was furious by what she did and clenched her fists tight which made her attack with the scolding hot water. It hit Dragon Opal which burned her but did not hurt her as much as Lapis wanted. Lapis then fired an array of attacks at Dragon Opal with the boiling hot water which she constantly missed. Lapis got even more mad and fired a massive shot of scolding hot water at Dragon Opal but she dodged it but instead of hitting her, it hit one of the dragons holding on to the brothers. It burned the tail of the blue dragon which made it let go of Onyx which allowed him to attack the other dragon to release his brothers. Dragon Opal then breathed fireballs at Lapis but Lapis' water attacks extinguished the fires before they could hit her and then ran up and slashed Dragon Opal with her fans. It knocks Dragon Opal back on the ground her from the attack. Meanwhile, Onyx battled the dragon with his dark magic but was not successful. The dragon opened its mouth and was about to fire a shot but before it could, Onyx fired a black orb of dark matter into its mouth which injured it making it let go of the brothers. They surrounded Dragon Opal about to attack but before they could she used her smoke breath to create a smoke screen to avoid being seen. In the smoke screen, she snuck back to her ship and ordered her dragons to get back on the ship. The smoke cleared and Dragon Opal was gone and then they see the ship taking off leaving the planet.

The gems checked to see if everyone was alright which they were relieved of. Meanwhile, Sapphire helped Jade up and thanked her for saving him from Dragon Opal. Jade blushed more from this and began to feel a moment again but before she could do anything, Sapphire walked to Pearl to see if she was alright after the fight. Jade was agitated by that but she knew she had to be patient to get Sapphire to like her. Garnet then walked up to Jade and asked if she knew if Dragon Opal would return. Jade knew about how persistant she was with her plans and after seeing what she did with Steven she was sure she would return. Garnet became worried and walked over to Emerald and Lepidolite to discuss a plan to stop Dragon Opal. Jade then walked back into the house and got out her diary and began to work on a drawing. The sketch began to show two dragons, one looking like the one Jade turns into and the other one looking like an ice dragon with their tails locked with each others. Carnelian went into the house and saw the picture. He laughed on the floor seeing the picture and Jade decided to breath fire on his hair to get him to stop. He saw his hair on fire and ran outside to put it out and then Jade then wrote next to the dragons "Jade+Sapphire forever" then kissed the page. She then hid it and went outside which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Carnelian
  • Jade
  • Lepidolite
  • Dragon Opal
  • Red Dragon
  • Blue Dragon


  • This is the first time the main antagonist makes an appearance.
  • The name of the title is a referance to Bruce Lee's movie, Enter the Dragon.
  • Dragon Opal will flirt with Steven to annoy Lapis.
  • It is shown that whenever Lapis gets angry, the water she controls gets hotter and can sometimes begin to boil.

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