Ruby's Past
Season 1, Episode 5
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Air date When you're reading this.
Written by Steven+Connie
Directed by Steven+Connie
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"Ruby's Past" Distance, Part 1
"Enter Iolite" is the fifth episode of the first season in Enchanted Gems, and the fifth episode overall.


Citrine's sister returns, but she's not quite the same.


Citrine: Hello? [It echoes through the underground cavern, while the other EG members grumble.]

Ruby: Citrine, don't let the enemy KNOW where we are.

Star Sapphire: It's supposed to be a stealth mission.

Citrine: Geez, it's not like we can't handle it, right?

Pyro: Citrine, What is up with you lately? You're acting more spontaneous and random than normal.

Citrine: Just excited, that's all.

All EG at once: About what?

Citrine: You'll see.

[A rumble is heard, as slimy purple tentacles sprout from the cavern's walls.]

[The EG start attacking the tentacles, but keep missing. finally, Emerald grabs one of the tentacles and pulls the monster out. the EG then defeat it.]

Citrine: I got this one. *Walks over to gem, and bubbles it.*

[Later, at the temple...]


Pyro: Who's that?

Star Saphhire: And when did we get a doorbell?

[Citrine walks over to the door, opens it, and a purple gem walks in.]

[Ruby eyes her suspiciously]

Ruby: Did you install a doorbell while we were gone?

Iolite: What? No! [Pulls out human device] It's an app!

Citrine: Everyone, this is my sister, Iolite.

[Pyro walks up to Iolite to greet her.]

Pyro: Nice to --

[Pyro is cut off by Iolite]

Iolite: Blah, blah, blah. [Turns to Citrine] are they always this boring?

[Citrine leans in to whisper something into Iolite's ear and the two giggle.]

Citrine: C'mon, come see my lemon garden.

[Iolite runs after Citrine as they exit through the back door]

Onyx: I don't trust that gem...

Ruby: She does seem fishy.

[a fish falls on Ruby's head.]

Ruby: What the...?

[Ruby looks up to find Citrine and Iolite in the rafters, holding a bucket of fish.]

Citrine: Nice one!

/timeskip to morning/

[The EG, excluding Citrine, are outside the temple, which is newly TP'd.]

Star Sapphire: You think those humans did it?

Ruby: Couldn't of been. We have a fence.

Onyx: [sarcastically] with a sign saying, "please"!

[Citrine comes out the temple door and walks outside]

Citrine: What's up?

Ruby: [points to the TP on the temple] Some toilet tissue, apparently.

Citrine: do you need some help?

[Iolite steps outside to Citrine]

Iolite: sorry, EG, but my sis promised she would take me out to see the town.

Citrine: I kinda did. Good luck cleaning it up, though!

/timeskip to the next morning/

Pyro: Now it's not even funny anymore..

[the EG are standing in front of the temple with a giant sign saying, "Enchanted Gems? More like... uh...what rhymes with Enchanted?"]

Ruby: Hm.... Sweatpanted!

Iolite: [under breath] dang it, why didn't I think of that?

[Citrine comes out from the temple door]

Citrine: [reading from the sign] Enchanted Gems? More like Sweatpanted Gems!

[the other gems look toward the sign, which has been spray-painted over.]

[The gems turn to Citrine, who is holding a spray-paint can]

Ruby: Citrine?! Did you do this?

Citrine: Do what?

[Ruby grabs the spray-paint can and shoves it in Citrine's face.]

Ruby: I'm talking about THIS!

Citrine: I didn't do that! You look great in sweatpants!

Ruby: That may be true, but you've backstabbed the team! Citrine...

[Ruby looks away as he summons his sword and makes Citrine retreat.]

[Ruby bubbles it and sends it to the burning room.]

[Ruby turns to the EG who look aghast.]

[Ruby turns back to Iolite]

Ruby: It looks as though we have a position open.

Iolite: Nah, not interested. I'd rather kill you.

Ruby: Wait what?

[the EG stare in horror as Iolite turns into a giant purple squid that smashes a giant tentacle through the temple.]

Iolite: Now that I have my annoying sister out of the way, I can proceed to destroy you.

Ruby: We need to get Citrine back!

Iolite: Naaaaah.

[A tentacle picks up a bubble with Citrine's gem in it]

[lifts to beak to try to eat it]

EG: NO!!!!!!

Ruby: Help me attack this thing!

[the EG attack the tentacle and the squid falls to the ground]


[the squid is buried in the sand while Citrine is regenerated.]

Citrine: What happened?

Star: Well, your sister turned into a squid and we attacked it and it died.

Citrine: but how did I get in a bubble?

[Ruby shuffles nervously and chuckles]

Ruby: Funny thing...

Pyro: Guys, didn't that battle seem a bit...anticlimactic?

[a rumbling is heard]

Iolite: It sure did!

[a tentacle lifts up the EG into the air]

Iolite: I'd love to stay, but I have to escape while laughing evilly.

[Iolite drops the EG while she laughs evilly and swims into the ocean.]


[the EG close their eyes, bracing for impact. it never comes.]

[Slowly, Onyx opens his eyes]

Onyx: This is weird.

[The EG are sitting on a giant yellow bird]

Ruby: Hey, where's Citrine?

[The bird squaks]

Citrine: Right here.

Ruby: Citrine?! You can turn into a giant bird now?

Citrine: I guess when my sister hypnotized me into vandalizing the temple, it had some weird side effects.

[The EG look into the sunset as they are majestically soaring through the air]

Citrine: We should do this more often.

[the episode ends.]



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