This page is about all the enemies in the series "Rise of the Gems".


Agate is an enemy gem whose mission is most likely to activate the Kindergarten. She has thick, long pink hair, a scar on her face, a long gown and a purple eyepatch covering her right eye, where her gem is placed. She was once a member of Jade's team, along with Emerald, who iis unknown for now.


Sodalite is a beefy warrior gem, just like Jasper in the canon series "Steven Universe". She has a gem on her neck, which she summons a gem destabilizer from. Her suit is yellow, and her hair is short and orange. She has golden boots.

Orange Diamond

Not much is known about this enemy, but she seems to have some kind of authority, much like Yellow Diamond in "Steven Universe".


Obsidian is a dark gem that is half corrupted and half normal. Being this, he can simply touch someone to infect the poison and have them turn dark too. He is set to appear, alongside Black Onyx, in the upcoming episode "Darkness Awaits".

Black Onyx

Another dark creature, just like Obsidian. Not much about him is known at this point, but they have their gems on their chests.


Emerald may or may not  be an enemy is the Rise of the Gems universe. He is set to appear in Season 2.

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