Emerald is an upcoming green gem who will soon debut in Dove Fandom.


Emerald is a lanky/skinny, male-appearing gem with a rectangular-shaped, rectangular-faceted gem located on where chest is. His hair is curly and a light, pale green and his skin is light green but darker then his sweater. He wears a pale green sweater, baggy green pants/jeans and white trainers. On his sweater is a white X shape.

In his first appearance he is portrayed with only one of Steven's shirts.

He sometimes wears beanies when he "feels that his head is cold".


Emerald is a very happy and positive gem and loves to be around others. He can get snappy when exhausted but tries to keep the happy-go-lucky demeanour. He loves being cherished and loves to cherishes others, especially Pyrope. He can't always keep is happy personality and can get really mean when angry or depressed when sad. He's often excited about new things and humans and quite eccentric.


All gems have the ability to summon a weapon, shapeshift, fuse with other gems and retreat to their gemstone after becoming injured to heal. Emerald choses not to use his weapon. He can fuse with Aventurine to form Fuchsite, Pyrope to form Heliodor, Mangano Calcite to form Alexite.

Unique Abilities

  • Botanokinesis: Emerald is shown to be able to create and manipulate plants and uses this instead of his weapon. He can use this to trap people in vines or construct shields and more.
  • Natural Aura: Emerald can sense the environment for any signs of life forms nearby. this ability is similar to that of Garnet's ability, Future Vision



He and Pyrope have been friends since they met in Kindergarten and have always had a close bond. They share a strong emotional bond and Emerald is slightly attracted to him it's unknown if Pyrope fells the same way.


He and Aventurine are great friends and think of each other as best friends. Their personalities collide but they get along well.

Mangano Calcite

He and Mangano are friends, being the same team and get along well. They don't interact much.


  • He, like Amethyst, likes to eat and sleep even though he doesn't need to.
  • Gem's don't have genders, but Emerald can be considered as Homosexual due to his attraction to Pyrope, a male-appearing Gem.

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