Emerald is a future character to appear in Celebration Fandom. She will also appear in The Original Crystal Gems.


Emerald will have a similar appearance to Peridot, but different. Her hair color is the same as Peridot, but Emerald's hair is in the style of two buns (each bun is located where a pigtail on an average person would appear.) Emerald's skin color is the same as Peridot's, but her gems are a darker green. Her gems are located on both of her knee caps. Emerald's have an octagonal facet on each. Emerald wears an outfit VERY similar to Peridot's, but different. First of all, Emerald's upper legs are uncovered (except for the mintskirt!), and she wears a miniskirt. Emerald has the exact same color scheme (clothing wise) to Peridot. She has the floaty fingers, uncovered upper arms and the same lower arm coverings as Peridot! She has the same shoes and lower leg coverings as Peridot! She even has the diamond by her chest, and exact same (almost) body type as Peridot. Her weapons of choice are a pair of batons (more like two sticks with spearheads on each end...)




Emerald has the usual abilities of a normal gem. She has not been seen using any unique abilities.

Relationships (Celebration Fandom


Relationships (The Original Crystal Gems


Trivia (General)

  • Emerald was actually based off of Peridot, which is why they are so similar.
  • Emerald is NOT, I repeat, NOT a fusion!!!
    • This is due to her being created before "Jailbreak".

Trivia (Celebration Fandom)


Trivia (The Original Crystal Gems)


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