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Eeu and Tegin are the conjoined planets of the Habek system. They are the homeworlds of the Qiskaltak, which originated from Eeu.



Both Eeu and Tegin are conjoined planets which resulted in an odd event occuring during the formation of both planets. Both planets are of the same size and mass as Earth. At the area of land in which both planets conjoin, there is constant violent weather and snowing, with the occurrence of frequent blizzards.


Both planets are of the same mass, and their overlapping gravitational fields cause them to slowly move away from eachother over time.

According to Qiskaltak folklore, these two planets were once gods whom were brothers that fought a great war against eachother, but realized that the war was pointless, and went into an eternal embrace, causing them to turn into the conjoined planets Eeu & Tegin. The Qiskaltak believe that if the two planets were to separate again, then the war would continue.

The Qiskaltak, whom see their planet's conjoined state as beautiful and sacred, managed to prevent this crisis from happening by building gigantic, girder-like hallway-filled structures (each 100 meters in diameter) connecting from one planet to the other, holding them together. The strange gravitational anomalies taking place at the convergence point have also been eradicated by gravity-augmenting facilities. To further protect their planet's strange beauty, they have constructed at least 100 weaponized ring worlds that orbit around the planets.


Eeu is a warm, fertile Earth analog planet, and the atmosphere here consists of mostly oxygen and nitrogen, much like Earth's. This planet consists of many grasslands, forests, swamps, and mountains. It has both a north pole and a south pole, with its south pole conjoined with Tegin's north pole. Eeu is also where the Qiskaltak evolved. The atmosphere of Tegin is of large, beautiful floating cities, especially the gigantic planetary capitol, Shelion.


Tegin is a planet of the same mass as Eeu, and is conjoined to Eeu by its north pole. Like Eeu, it has a oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere. Tegin's entire northern hemisphere is shrouded in darkness, due to a shadow being casted by Eeu. The southern Hemisphere of Tegin is mostly dimly lit and snowy, but has just as much biological diversity as its counterpart Eeu. The plants and animals on Tegin are all specially adapted for the planet's cold, bitter weather.

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