The Rebellion Episode 1: Earthward Bound

This the first episode of my fanfic The Rebellion

Earthward Bound
Earthward Bound
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by User:LapisL6
Directed by User:LapisL6
Episode guide
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None Welcome to Beach City


A group of Homeworld Gems head to Earth.


[Episode enters with Turquoise sitting in the brig of a Gem ship]

???: [From a distance] We are exiting the atmosphere of Homeworld, Jade

Jade: [From a distance] Excellent,activate boosters, we have a deadline.

???: [Walks in front of the plasma bars of the brig] Speaking of, what do we do with this one [Points at Turquoise] We don't need a slave.

Turquoise: I'm not your slave, Hematite!

Hematite: We'll see...

Jade: [Walks toward Hematite and Turquoise] Turquoise, it's either slave or execution, you picked slavery.

Hematite: [Whispers] What'd he do again?

Jade: [Whispers back] betrayed Homeworld for the Crystal Gems, good thing we anhililated them [chuckles]

Heamtite: We need navigation to Earth, you can help us and we may let you go

Turquoise: I'll never help you invade the Earth!

Jade: Remember what the executionist said, We may execute you at our will, don't think we won't [He pulls out his three-tailed, Jade-studded whip out of his right hand and thrashed it at the floor]


[The plasma bars of the brig disappear and Jade yanks Turquoise's frail, pale body to its feet. Jade was a strong, muscled gem, with pale green skin and cactus green hair. He looked especially attractive because he never wore a shirt, all he wore was Jade-studded pants. Turquoise would've gone out with him In a second, if they weren't both boys. He walked him to the control room, where he set the course to Earth.

Jade: Well done, you really know your stuff.

[Suddenly, there was a thud coming from the roof.]

Hematite: [Has a paranoid and frightened look on her face] WHAT WAS THAT!?

Jade: I'll go check it out, you keep an eye on Turquoise.

Hematite: Got it!

Jade: [Climbs through a hatch to the roof. After a bit, there's a series of thuds and a human-like scream. Jade climbs down the hatch, ,unharmed]

[Hematite hugs Jade and asks tons of questions. Hematite is a pale gray gem, with a thin build and has her gem on her left hand. She can levitate, summon hematite out of the ground to fling at her foe and can levitate enemy's and slam them to the ground]

Turquoise: We've nearly arrived, brace for landing.

[Suddenly, there's a loud crash And the ship shakes. Alarms blare and warnings flash.]

Hematite: We're going down!

[The ship's engine short circuits and the ship falls to Earth. There's a giant explosion that ends the episode]

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