Dragon Opal is a relentless and sly gem who is the main antagonist of most of the Legend of Sapphire series.


Her skin color is a light blue color and has straight dark blue hair with crimson highlights that reaches down to her waist. Her eyes are similar to a reptile's in a dark red coloration. She wears a narrow crimson and dark blue Chinese skirt, crimson jacket with long sleeves, dark blue collar, dark blue wrap with a crimson ribbon to fasten it. At times she will put a crimson lotus flower in her hair just for a more attractive appearance. Her gem is located on her chest in the shape of a dragon's head.


Dragon Opal is extremely clever and manipulative. Most of the time, rather than fighting head on, she would use her charm to get people to do the dirty work for her. She is known to be a little bit vain at times with her beauty and although she is one of the most beautiful of the gems, she sometimes brags too much. In battle, she is very fearsome and ferocious as a dragon in battle.


  • Fire breath in gem form
  • Transform into a chinese dragon
  • Extreme persuasion
  • Excelling speed
  • Summon dragon wings
  • Fires crimson orbs of energy
  • Creates waves of energy around her to attack
  • Lets out a super sonic dragon roar in gem form
  • Creates fireballs in gem form
  • Smoke screen breath from her mouth in gem form
  • Creates dark blue fireballs from her mouth
  • Lightning fast reflexes
  • Can shapeshift
  • Disguise herself as Christine


Rather then using raw force, she prefers to use persuasion and trickery in battle to get others to make mistakes in battle rather than beating them to a pulp at the start. But either way, she uses alot of power in her attacks but combined with her persuasion, she is almost unbeatable. Dragon Opal is shown to have studied the body and all of its nerve points allowing her to weaken enemies with her attacks. If that wasn't bad enough, she can transform into a massive dragon capable of flying at great speeds and using a massive fire breath to burn enemies to a crisp.


Like Jade, she has two weapons she can use in battle. She can chose either to use dual Japanese war fans or her dual headed axe. The fans are crimson with dark blue blades on each and both have a dragon painted on each of the fans. He duel headed axe has a dark blue handle with crimson blades and at the end is a dragon's head making the blade appear like wings.


Steven: At first she was just flirting with him just to get under Lapis' skin but she ends up having some feelings for Steven. However, she does realize that it would never work and that it would distract her from the mission itself so she decides to let him go to continue her diabolical plans.

Tiger Eye and Amber: They are her most trusted fighters and are loyal to them as they are to her. She often sends them to do her dirty work since they are her best fighters but sometimes they don't complete their objectives which gets her angry at them. But no matter how angry she gets, she will stand by their side in battle.

Sean: At first, Dragon Opal went undercover in order to take down Ella and Sean who were on their date. Dragon Opal asked Sean to dance with her in order to get a shot at him but when they danced she enjoyed it too much for her to finish him off like that. She has alot in common with him with her non-evil side of her and because of that she actually begins to have real feelings towards him. But even with this, she knows her mission must be complete even if she is having second thoughts of it because of Sean.


  • Like Jade, her dress is a reference to Fa Mulan's dress in the Disney movie, Mulan.
  • Jade and Dragon Opal are natural rivals.
  • Dragon Opal is the main antagonist in the Legend of Sapphire.
  • Dragon Opal will flirt with Steven to get under Lapis' skin.
  • She goes undercover as Christine in order to get Sean and Ella.
  • She ends up having feelings for Sean.
  • Although she is the main antagonist through most of the series, towards the end she changes sides.
  • She will receive a flame thrower weapon in the Legend of Emerald.

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