This is the 24th episode in the Legend of Sapphire series and the last episode of Voodoo Week.


When Dragon Opal returns to Earth to attack the gems, Charoite decides to risk it all to protect Peridot and the Gems.


The episode begins in Dragon Opal's ship in Charoite's room on the ship. He begins to day dream about Peridot and then begins to draw himself and Peridot together in a romantic picture. He begins to forget that they were heading to Earth to attack the Gems as he continues drawing Peridot. Then Tiger Eye walks into the room and tells Charoite that he is needed on the control bridge which makes Charoite put away the picture. Tiger Eye asks what Charoite had but he tried to hide it from Tiger Eye's gaze but he still knows that there was something he was hiding. Tiger Eye then quickly snatched the paper that Charoite was trying to hide and then gazed at the artwork of Peridot and Charoite which made Tiger Eye shocked and suspicious of Charoite. Tiger Eye demanded that Charoite would explain why he was drawing the enemy and himself together which made Charoite blush a little from embarrassment. Tiger Eye told Charoite that he would report this picture to Dragon Opal to show his treachery but before Tiger Eye could do anything Charoite snapped his fingers which made the picture light in green fire. Tiger Eye became furious and stormed out of the room which Charoite as they walked to the control bridge. They arrive and see Dragon Opal on her throne of the ship and Tiger Eye then tells about the picture but Dragon Opal didn't believe him about his story. Tiger Eye told her that Charoite is in love with the enemy and demanded that he would be destroyed for his treachery to the Dragon Empire but Dragon Opal still didn't believe Tiger Eye. She told him that as her second-in-command she has the upmost trust in Charoite and demands that Tiger Eye would respect him like he would respect her. Tiger Eye didn't trust Charoite for a second but he did have loyalty to Dragon Opal and responded with a yes madam and left the bridge to find Amber. Charoite then asks Dragon Opal what she wanted him for and she told him that she wanted Charoite to remind him not to hurt or torture Steven on their mission to Earth. Charoite remembered that he almost scared Steven for life when he used his illusions during his fight but kept it a secret so Dragon Opal wouldn't attack him. Charoite agreed to the reminder and asked when their arrival to Earth would be which Dragon Opal responded by saying any minute which worried Charoite for Peridot.

Meanwhile back on Earth, Peridot was crying on the beach worried what Garnet would do to Charoite once she found him. Steven then walked outside of the beach house and noticed Peridot crying on the beach then walked to her to ask what was wrong. Peridot looked away and told Steven that she shouldn't tell him for if she did he would think of her in a new way. Steven ignored that and asked if she could tell him what's wrong so she risked it all and told Steven about what she did at the Kindergarten with Charoite. Steven was shocked about this still remembering all the cold hearted things Charoite did to the Gems and to him. Steven told Peridot that she was making a huge mistake after all the horrible things that gem did to him and to her. But Peridot didn't listen and told Steven that she saw a side of him that wasn't cold or treacherous like what people have thought of him in the past. Steven also brought up the fact that Charoite has killed others that cared for him just for the heck of it but Peridot brought up the fact that those people did not care for him and just tricked him in order to try to kill him. Steven didn't believe her about what she said saying that Charoite is just trying to manipulate her mind for some evil purpose. But Peridot knew deep in her heart that she knows what Charoite really is and not what people think he is which makes things a little difficult for Steven to understand. Peridot told Steven to trust her but Steven couldn't trust anything that Charoite told Peridot which made things a little tense between Steven and Peridot. Lapis then runs outside and tells both Steven and Peridot that she saw something entering the atmosphere. Peridot asked what she saw but Lapis couldn't tell at the moment and responded by saying she had no idea. Suddenly the moonlight was blocked by a massive ship that began to desend. Steven looked closely at the ship and recognized its design and told Lapis and Peridot that it was Dragon Opal who has returned. They all summoned their weapons for battle ready to stop them from returning again. The ship landed and Garnet came from the temple to join the fight realizing who's ship that was. The hatch of the ship opened and a blue and crimson fog came from the hatch and out of the fog came Dragon Opal, Amber, Tiger Eye, and finally Charoite revealing that he was working for Dragon Opal the whole time.

Peridot looked at Charoite suprised on who he was following orders from and began to think that he was just using her to get to the Gems. Garnet began to stair down Charoite still furious at him for him trying to trick Peridot even if he wasn't trying to trick her. Dragon Opal then ordered the dragon soldiers to capture the Gems which they managed to do even if it was a bit of a challange for them to do. The dragon soldiers forced the Gems to step forward as they approaches Dragon Opal who had special plans for the Gems. Charoite then asked which of the Gems was she going to destroy first and picking quickly, she chose Peridot to be the first to die. Peridot was forced in front of Dragon Opal and began to shead a tear, thinking that Charoite sold her out. Charoite was more then ever worried and began to think of what to do in order to save Peridot. Dragon Opal the summoned her double headed axe and began to raise it as she was about to chop Peridot into bits with the massive blades of the axe. Charoite then decided to do the unthinkable in order to protect Peridot from the fiery clutches of Dragon Opal and her soldiers. As Dragon Opal was about to swing the axe at Peridot, Charoite blasted Dragon Opal with a powerful voodoo spell in order to force her to stop. Dragon Opal then asked what Charoite was doing and without hesitation, he told her that he was protecting the only thing he loved. Peridot blushed a dark green from hearing what he said realizing that all the things that happened at the Kindergarten actually meant something. Dragon Opal was furious and called him a traitor to the Dragon Empire and to even get her more angry Charoite told her that he tortured Steven with his voodoo magic. Dragon Opal dropped her axe and ran to Steven seeing if he was alright but Steven didn't understand why she would care for him after all she did to the Gems and to him. Dragon Opal then revealed to Steven that she had feelings for him which made him blush a dark cherry red. Lapis got furious and made the water she controlled begin to boil. Lapis then attacked Dragon Opal with the scolding hot water but she was too quick and striked Lapis at a specific part of the body that prevented her from controlling the water anymore. Garnet then fired her gauntlets like missiles at Dragon Opal which she managed to redirect the gauntlets making them fire at Garnet instead. She then looked at Peridot and decided to finish her off to get her revenge on Charoite for his treachery. Dragon Opal's eyes began to glow as she blasted a massive amount of her blue fire at Peridot in an attempt to kill her. But without hesitation, Charoite pushed Peridot out of the way and took the shot for her.

He collapsed to the ground from the shot of the fire and Peridot was heartbroken to see him suffer like that for her. Dragon Opal began to laugh which drived Peridot into great anger from her attacking Charoite. Peridot summoned her blasters and opened fire among Dragon Opal, Amber, and Tiger Eye which drived them to retreat once again. They went back into the ship along with the dragon soldiers and took off heading back to space. After the fight, Peridot ran to Charoite's body which was badly damaged from the attack he took for her. Garnet walked over to Peridot and Charoite's body and apologized to Peridot for not trusting her about Charoite. Peridot began to cry for not knowing how to heal him but she found his voodoo cane next to him which gave Peridot an idea. Garnet told her she knew what Peridot was thinking and told her not to but Peridot ignored her and grabbed his cane. She blasted a beam of voodoo energy into the air which made spirits come out of the cane and began to swirl around Charoite. Steven and Lapis saw this and were frightened by the spirits that circled him still remembering all those spirits did to them. The spirits then entered into his gem and then came out again returning to the cane that they came out of. After the spirits returned, Charoite got up as if nothing had damaged him which made Peridot drop the cane and run over to Charoite to hug him tight. She was so happy that he was alright. Charoite blushed from this and began to blush from the hug. Peridot then noticed his eyes and how they changed from those black eyes to those of white and purple. Charoite didn't know why that happened but that didn't matter now that he and Peridot was together. Garnet walked up and apologized to Charoite for accusing him of trying to manipulate Peridot which he accepted. Garnet, Steven, and Lapis then walked back into the house in order to give Charoite and Peridot some alone time. Peridot and Charoite looked into each others eyes that glistioned in the moonlight settings such a romantic mood. Peridot thanked Charoite for saving her life and Charoite responded by saying that he would rather die then to live in a world without Peridot which made her blush. Peridot told him that she loved him and Charoite did the same to her and sealed their bond with a kiss which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Garnet
  • Peridot
  • Dragon Opal
  • Amber
  • Tiger Eye
  • Dragon soldiers
  • Charoite
  • Voodoo spirits


  • Peridot and Charoite become an official couple.
  • Charoite is shown to be skilled in drawing.
  • Charoite betrays Dragon Opal for Peridot.
  • This is the first time Peridot uses voodoo.
  • This is the first episode were none of the Brothers appeared or were mentioned.
  • Charoite's eyes changing had deep symbolism.
    • When his eyes were black and purple that showed the monstrous side to him and when his eyes went back to normal, it symbolized people not seeing him as a monster anymore.

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