Soo.. umm, who wants mini- donuts?

—Steven Universe

Dragon Danger is the first episode of Steven Universe: Crystal Infinity.

Dragon Danger
Season 1a, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date August 27 (Reboot) June 3 (Old Version)
Written by GCBomniverse/
Directed by GCBomniverse
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In the first episode, a Dragon gem monster attacks the Crystal Temple, and Homeworld, begins their rampage.


And here I am, an entire year later, one year after the Original Steven Universe series, The timeline here drifted off from the real one, like Peridot, Lapis and Jasper going good? JASPER? GOOD? Crazy talk. And I Never thought a homeworld gem would stow away to get to Earth to HELP US either.. How many Crystal Gems are there now? 8? No wait, 9 counting Ruby And Sapphire. Sorry, i'm getting off of focus, basically in this timeline, things are different, we have more members on our team and those 4 new Crystal Gems live in the hidden Crystal Sanctuary on Mineral Island, I alternate between staying at  the Temple and the Sanctuary and it's kinda cool because Mineral Island has a bunch of new people ive never met so that means; NEW FRIENDS! And best of all, for the Summer, Connie is staying on the island! But yeah anyway, we'll start off this brand new series of Crystal Gem adventures right now, here on mineral Island just me and the Crystal gems Garnet (Ruby And Sapphire), Pearl, Amethyst, Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, Tourmaline, Jasper, and me. STEVEN UNIVERSE

-THEME SONG (Would go here if it had one)-

"Hey guy's i'm back!" Steven said as he walked into his home on Mineral island. The warp pad, then activated as Tourmaline warped into the House. "Oh Steven! There you are! We need you on the beach!" Tourmaline said. Steven then replied by saying "Umm witch beach? Theres two!". "The one in Beach City, come on!" Tourmaline said as he ran to the  Warp pad. Steven shrugged and went to the warp pad and as the warp stream activated he said "I'm getting donut's first"


The warp pad in the Crystal temple activated as Tourmaline and Steven arrived and ran outside to the beach. "WHOAH, is that a... DRAGON?"Steven said as he saw a roaring gem monster dragon fly around the sky. "Steven you should stay back, this thing is VERY dangerous, Amethyst has already had to regenerate twice now." Pearl said as she landed infront of Steven. "Hey it was GARNET's idea to throw me at it, how was I supposed to know it would EAT ME?" Amethyst responded. "But I wanna help, I can control my powers, Pearl." Pearl quickly grabs Steven and leaps up into the air to avoid a large fire ball shot by the Dragon. "I know, and we all know, but for now, how about you buy us some donut-minis from the big donut" Pearl says as they land. "Alright, i'll be right back!" Steven says as he begins to run off to the big donut.

At the Big Donut, Steven runs into the store and slides to the counter. "Hey Steven, back from the island?" Sadie asks. "Steven, well I came here for a mission but I guess I just came for nothing since Pearl says its too dangerous so i'm here to get me and the gems a box of Donut mini's. Just give me any flav- Um why is Lars standing infront of the fridge like that?" Steven asks pointing to Lars who is seemingly hiding something. "Oh he's hiding a special new cereal we got that he doesn't want you to see." Sadie says. "Nooo, Sadie!" Lars says as Steven walks up to Lars. "Whatcha hiding there Lars?" Steven asks. "Umm nothing."Lars says. Steven gives Lars a look and pushes him out of the way. "NO WAY" Steven says. "See, I knew this would happen, heh, he'll never leave now.." Lars says. "COOKIE CAT CEREAL!" Steven says, going starry eyed. "YEEES! YES! YES! YES! *Holds up Box of Cereal* COOKIE CAT IS BACK! "I ordered them just for you Steven! *Looks at Lars* It was Lars who pointed them out though." Sadie Says, "So i'm guessing you want a pack of those along with your donut-mini's?" Sadie continues. Steven nods with a starry eyed smile. Steven takes the donuts and box of Cereal and leaves the store.

Meanwhile back on the beach the Crystal Gems continue to battle the Dragon. "What is this thing anyway?"Garnet yells so the others can hear her among the action. "That's just the thing Garnet! Amethyst claims she saw a gem coming towards the beach house but then turning into this dragon form! Like some kinda transformation, My scanners say this gem was'nt corrupted an hour ago but somehow well, here we are" Peridot responds to Garnet who fired her Gauntlets at the Dragon like rockets. "Whatever it is, its going down" Jasper says as she summons her Crash helmet."I HATE THIS"Pearl said as she charges up her energy blast from her spear and fires it at the dragon. "We all do Pinnochio! Trust me!" Jasper responds while shooting up at the dragon with her crash Helmet. "I'm going up!" Amehyst yells as she uses her whip to wrap around the dragons neck and she pulls her self onto the dragon's back and uses her plasma whip attack. The Dragon is damamged but is not defeated and so it does a couple flips to knock Amethyst off its back. Tourmaline summons his weapon, a pair of nunchuks  and  leaps toward the dragon and begins hitting it with his nunchucks but he is hit back by the Dragons tail into a rock, He felt a large bruising pain in his back but walked it off easily.

Meanwhile, in the Beach House.. "♪Cookie Cat had to go back to war, Lion Lickers replaced him in the grocery store. But now he's back in an all new way, the Cookie Kittens, are here to stay! Now an army in your cereal bowl,they got here through a delicious worm hole!♪" Steven quietly sings as he peacefully poors a bowl of cereal and begins eating while the Crystal Gems outside are taking a beating. "Mmm so good! I wonder how the Gems are doing *Looks out window* OH. Not good, you know what, I don't care how dangerous this is, i'm gonna beat that thing! *Runs to the warp pad and warps to the warp on the top of the temple. "Time to slay a dragon. *SUmmons Shield and Sword* hoh boy.. Heere we *starts running* GO! *Jumps off the top of the temple and dives towards the dragon with his sword and shield in hand*. Meanwhile on the beach Lapis Lazuli is extinguishing the fire with her Water abilities while the gems continue to battle, when suddenly Steven shoots right through the dragon and the dragon explodes creating a huge shockwave that blasts all of the gems out of the area...

1 hour later Steven woke up coughing in lots of pain, he could barely move and a loud ringing noise clouded up his hearing for a minute at first he thought the annoying sound was still there, but it was just Pearl, constantly saying "STEVEN!? STEVEN? STEVEN?! STEVEN ARE YOU OKAY?". Steven got up and saw the Crystal gems around him. "Uhh, did I beat the Dragon?" Steven said. "Yes, you did. Good job by the way" Garnet said. "Steven, are you okay that explosion was huge!" Pearl asked. "I'm fine, I had my shield out" Steven said. "Well you definately killed that thing!" Lapis said. Peridot suddenly ran in and asked, WHERE IS THE GEM?" "The dragon's gem?" Tourmaline asked. "YES! WE HAVE TO GET IT!" Peridot replied. "Why?'Jasper asks. because... that gem wasn't even fully corrupted, the corruption had taken over most of the gem but as long as whoever that was stayed calm an focused they could stay normal, but obviously on her way here she got either frustrated or excited causing her to transform. We need to get her gem." Peridot explains. Garnet activated the Gemgate and opened it to the Burning Room and the gems including Steven entered. Lapis flew over to the gem bubble and popped it and gave the gemstone to Peridot. "Whoah" Steven says as the gem starts to glow and regenerates into a regular gem form. "Is she okay?" Steven asks Garnet. "I don't know.." Garnet replies. "Uh.. wha..wher..who.. AHH, oh my great Diamond Authority! You cured me!? "Yes.. do you know what happened to you? Your corruption wasn't normal, it was manual, somebody messed with your gem and mutated you into a dragon form." Jasper asked. "Hold on, my memory is still a bit rusty.. i'm randomly remembering stuff... whats my name.. oh! Dragon Opal. Yes, i'm Dragon Opal.. so what was your question? Who did this to me? Um.. It was that bad gem Warrior!" Dragon Opal said. "Bad gem warrior?" Pearl asked. "Yeah the one who took over homeworld and plans to *stops to think* wait what.. oh yeah, shes trying to take control over all of gemkind! She has been going around *stops again* um.. I forget now.. bad stuff" Dragon Opal says. "Gem warrior that took over Homeworld? Who is it?" Amethyst asks. "Oh, her name is- *Dragon Opals gem turns to dust and she poofs right before finishing. The gems looked around at eachother in shock. "Soo.. umm, who wants mini-donuts?" Steven says, trying to lighten the mood.


"Project Dragon Opal was a failure, hmmm whats the next attack on the list" A Gem hidden in the shadow asks a cloaked gem. "The Star." The CLoaked servant says. "Okay, send in the Commander for this mission she is the best for this job." The Dark Master Gem orders. "Yes Ma'aam." The cloaked gem says as they leave. "Hmm I have all of Homeworld under my command. even the Diamond's themselves.. the galaxy is ours! Thank's to me, the Gem Race will live on forever! except for ONE Planet.. EARTH.. the perfect planet with so many lifeforces on it it could keep our species going forever.. but as long as the Crystal Gems are alive, they could RUIN everything, especially since they have Peridot. She knows a lot.. Too bad they havn't met me yet..." The cloaked gem says. "Mistress Zirconia, The Commander is prepared to be sent to Earth." A Servant says. "Alright, let the fun begin!" The cloaked gem says.

Meanwhile back on Earth Steven, Jasper, Garnet, And Amethyst are eating Cookie Kitten cereal while the others stayed in the burning room and bubbled the ashes of Dragon Opal for Peridot to examine. "So, who do you think that gem was talking about?" Steven asked. "I don't know.. and that bothers me, but my future vision, it's giving me some horrible visions, whatever is going on out there. It is NOT, good." Garnet replied. "I think i'm gonna go to bed soon." Steven said. "But Steven, its 4:53? and you just had breakfast! Well kinda" Jasper said. "I know but at the Sanctuary its like 9:00 and i'm used to the time difference, so imma go back there and crash." Steven said as he fell on the warp pad and warped away half asleep. "I'll go with him to make sure he doesn't wake up in the desert." Jasper said going after Steven. Garnet got up and left and went into the temple without saying a word. "Wha-Garnet? Where are you going?" Amethyst asked but with no response. "Sapphire we HAVE to say something, they need to know about these visions!" Ruby yelled to Sapphire via Garnet "NO, everything is calm and we HAVE TIME. We can't tell them yet.. not now." Sapphire replied to Ruby. "But Sapphire, as long as they dont know, we are ALL in danger.." Ruby said back. "AGH!" they both yelled to the ringing ache of another future vision, this time with humungous Shadows walking towards the island. "SAPPHIRE, WHAT IS THAT THING, PLEASE, we HAVE to tell them.." Ruby cried. "Alright, we'll tell them but let's let ourselves relax first" Sapphire said. "Fine" Ruby Agreed as the mindscape went blank and Garnet's mind restabilized.


Underwater, a gem is wandering the ocean floor. "I'm Here Overlord Zirconia, should I proceed?." The Gem asks via a communicator. "Yes, Commander Bloodstone, but make this quick, and please try not to fail, for if you do, I have a mission for you that won't be as fun.."  


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