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Dove Fandom is a series created by Dove's Song.


The series is based off of the adventures and mishaps or the Crystal Gems and recently added member, Aventurine. Some episodes focus on other characters such as the known Homeworld Gem: Lapis Lazuli, Peridot and Jasper. Other episodes focus on history and such.




Garnet (Ruby, Sapphire)


Steven Universe

Lapis Lazuli



Rose Quartz (later role; flashbacks)


Mangano Calcite

Season One

Season 1A

1. Arrival: Aventurine arrives on Earth.

2. We are the Homeworld Gems: Aventurine shows the CG what the homeworld gems are planning.

3. Cracked: Steven's gem cracks in battle and the gems try to fix him.

4. Tiny Moms: Steven's birthday is here and Ruby and Sapphire tells him the story of how they met.

5. Aventurine's new friend: Aventurine finds an old friend.

6. The desicion: The CG decide on what to do about Mangano.

7. Larsadie: We spend a day with the married couple.

8: Fusion Horror: Aventurine tries fusing after a long time but the results are disastrous.

9. What's she hiding?: Connie's acting weird can Steven get her secret out?

10. The Gem Olympics: The gems participate in the Gem Olympics, with Jasper, Peridot, Lapis and Carnelian!

Season 1B

11. The Light Gem: Carnelian comes back but is she the same?

12. This is who I am: Connie finally tells Steven her secret.

13. My Home is your Home: Aventurine and Mangano make a big decision, but is this what they want?

14. Miss You: Mangano misses her "sisters".

15. Show me something: Connie shows the Gems her power.

16. I'm not over you: Pearl's feelings are addressed.

17. Garnet's Realm: We explore what it's like inside Garnet's fusion.

18. Dance lessons: Steven takes dance lessons, but what happens when Steven accidentally fuses with a classmate?

19. Babies!?: Something big happens in the Universe-Gem Family.

20. Invasion: There's an invasion, but it's not Homeworld.

Scrapped Episodes

Episodes that weren't written and scrapped in the process of making them:

8. Rosy: Rose's room recreates her history.

  • Would of been too long and complicated since we know literally nothing about her.

12. School Time: Steven goes to School for the first time.

  • Not interested in that kind of episode anymore, wants to get story along.

14. Peridot's Desicion: Peridot decides what she want's to do.

  • Keeping Together. And now Friend Ship.

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