Did We Forget? (Pt. 2)
DDG Ep 15 Title Card
Season 1, Episode 15
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Air date April 13th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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Did We Forget? (Pt. 1) Weather Control

ATTENTION! This is a crossover-esque episode! Emphasis on crossover! Please note that the events that occur in these episodes have little to no relevance to the plot. I simpler terms; THESE EPISODES AREN'T CANON!

—Mr. Napcakes

"Did We Forget? (Pt. 2)" is the 15th episode of the first season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 15th overall episode of the series.


The Dawn Dusk Gems encounter new gems.


The Dawn Dusk Gems continued to train at the Meeting Ground. Apatite was sitting on one of her clouds, taking a break while Rhodo and Malachite sparred with each other. Their weapons were clashing together; Rhodo hand-claws trying to overpower Malachite’s scythe, but when she had an opening, Malachite twirled scythe and nearly sliced Rhodo in half, but stopped after the blade of the scythe was half a centimeter away from murdering Rhodo.

Malachite: I win!

Rhodo: Nice!

They put away their weapons and went over to Apatite who seemed to be talking to a gem. She had rainbow-like wings and a futuristic suit. Rhodo and Malachite shook hands with the stranger and introduced themselves.

Rhodo: Hi, I’m Rhodo!

Malachite: Malachite.


Her loud, yet friendly greeting made Rhodo jump, and made a huge breeze that made Malachite’s hair cover her face. Apatite was a bit shocked. Suddenly another white gem made her way towards the gems. ???: Sorry about my sister, she can be a bit loud at times…

Apatite: Oh, it isn’t a problem!

Milky Quartz: Well, I’m Milky Quartz. We’re sisters…

White Sapphire: Yeah! I also have some cats! Rhodo: I like cats!

Malachite: We all know you like cats.

White Sapphire: I keep them at my house in the sky!

Apatite: Power over clouds? Similar to my abilities… Interesting.

Milky Quartz: Actually, we were just about to leave, so say goodbye, Sapphire.

White Sapphire: BYEEE!

A huge gust of wind blew in the direction of the Dawn Dusk Gems, ruining Malachite’s hair again and making Rhodo jump. But as White Sapphire and Milky Quartz walked away, they noticed some screaming coming from afar.

Rhodo: Uh, what was that?

Apatite: No idea…

Malachite: Let’s go check it out!

Malachite told Apatite to summon her traveling cloud, and she did. Apatite, Rhodo, and Malachite all got on the cloud that flew over to the sound of screaming, which was still going on. They saw 17 gems looking frightened. Terribly frightened. The area was silent. The air was still. The Dawn Dusk Gems were confused.

Malachite: What’s going on?...

The Dawn Dusk Gems looked over to the Galaxy Gems, with their weapons out, in their fighting stances, about to attack something.

Fire Ruby: This isn’t good.

Emerald (Galaxy Gems): Oh, get over it.

TQ: This is serious, Emerald. We need to be cautious.

Turquoise: If this girl hurts us, so help me I’ll…!

Malachite looked over to Sodalite, Jet Lignite, Coal, and Bloodstone.

Blood: Where’d she go?

Soda: I believe she has the ability to make herself transparent.

Jet: In other words, she can turn invisible.

Coal: Guys, I’m about to hunt this girl down!

Blood: Don’t! We can try talking to her!

Soda turned to Bloodstone.

Soda: I don’t think that will work in this situation, Blood. Not with her.

Rhodo turned to the sisters, Milky Quartz and White Sapphire, who seemed to be dancing. They stopped dancing while White Sapphire embraced Milky Quartz, causing them to phase into each other, creating a glow. They fused with each other! Their fusion was gigantic. She summoned her wings and a bazooka.

Abbelite: Don’t worry, Abbelite… You can save the day…!

Rhodo: Woah...

Apatite turned to Jade and Citrine.

Citrine: Jade, I’m a little scared…!

Jade: It’s fine, Citrine. We might not know where she is, but when she does attack us, we’ll be ready.

Citrine: That’s a lie!

And finally, the Dawn Dusk Gems stared at the empty space that all the gems seemed to keep a safe distance from; only it wasn’t empty. They peeked through the crowd, only to see a mortified Onix and Sapphire, with Onix holding his brother, Emerald’s, gem. Star Sapphire and a black and blue gem named Lazulite were there to comfort the brothers.

Sapphire: That girl is crazy...

SS: Don’t worry. I’ll get her. We’ll get her.

Lazulite: Yes, please try to stay calm. We don’t want anymore anoma-

But something terrible happened. Out of nowhere, a female gem appeared from rose petals and pink dust. She looked innocent and hunky dory. But that friendly image was taken away when the gem cut Lazulite in half with a pair of 7 ft long scissors. ???: Bye bye!

The gem laughed, and the people surrounding Lazulite were mortified. Lazulite was stunned. Paralyzed. Unable to do anything, he went to his gem to regenerate. Star Sapphire quickly attempted to pick it up, but the mysterious gem pointed her scissors towards her, which made Star hesitate.

???: Now, do you really want to do that?

The Dawn Dusk Gems had enough. Malachite and Rhodo stepped in with Apatite following them. They looked angry.


Rhodo: YEAH!

Apatite: Who ARE you?

The mysterious gem turned to them in shock. But smirked. She jumped right in front of Rhodo quickly, bending forward a bit, causing Rhodo to move his head back nervously.

Azure: Names Azurmalachite! *giggles* You can just call me Azure!

She summoned her scissors from her gem that was located on her chest. She pointed them towards Rhodo, causing him to take a step back.

Azure: You see, I’m an interdimensional traveler! Every dimension I travel, I have to duplicate myself! And those duplicates ALWAYS have new abilities! I’m even a duplicate myself! *giggles* I have the nifty power to duplicate OTHERS as well as myself, but they can remain in this dimension! It’s fun seeing my Silhouette Replicas terrorizing people!

Apatite, Rhodo, and Malachite were a bit frightened while all the other gems watched quietly.

Rhodo: H-hey, you should put those scissors away!...

Azure: Aw, but that isn’t any fun! On my free time, I like to, ya know, slice and dice!

Apatite: You’re mental. Leave the Meeting Ground before I make you.

Azure’s smile broke. She looked angry, like she didn’t know what to say, but she stepped up to Apatite with her scissors pointing at her eyes. She smiled again.

Azure: You look like the type of person that wants to play! How about we-

But Rhodo attempted to claw her with his hand-claws. Malachite was also ready with her scythe. Unfortunately, Azure teleported somehow! She teleported a couple feet away from the Dawn Dusk Gems. Azure looked a bit angry again.

Azure: FINE! If you want a challenging game, I’LL GIVE YOU ONE!

Azure smiled insanely and angrily while she made Silhouette Replicas for all the 19 gems, including Apatite, Rhodo, and Malachite, in the area. Those Silhouette Replicas looked angry, but they were no match for their real counterparts. Sodalite used his bo staff gracefully and stabbed his replica in the chest with one of its ends. Bloodstone was using her knives ferociously on hers and Coal’s replicas. Abbelite was completely destroying their gigantic clone with her wings and bazooka. Then, all the clones were gone. Azure summoned more, but they were destroyed also. Azure looked even more angry, but she still kept her smile.

Azure: You’re ruining the fun!

SS: You’re ruining life, scumbag.


Apatite: RHODO!

Rhodo: W-what?...

Azure: Just you wait. You Dawn Dusk Gems are in a load of trouble... There’s someone else watching you, and it isn’t me!

Apatite: Wait, what?!

Azure: Bye bye!

Malachite runs towards Azure with her scythe, but she vanishes. Malachite is panting, carrying her scythe with her two tired hands. There was a silence.

Malachite: You know, I think I had enough training for today…

Apatite: I agree…

Rhodo: Let’s order pizza when we get home!

Apatite: Rhodo, we did that yesterday!

Production Notes

This is a crossover episode with other peoples' gems! This has little to no relevance to the actual plot.




  • Emerald's Gem
  • Lazulite's Gem


  • The Meeting Ground


  • This is the first appearance of Azurmalachite.

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