Did We Forget? (Pt. 1)
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Season 1, Episode 14
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Air date April 10th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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Zero Tolerance Did We Forget? (Pt. 2)

ATTENTION! This is a crossover-esque episode! Emphasis on crossover! Please note that the events that occur in these episodes have little to no relevance to the plot. I simpler terms; THESE EPISODES AREN'T CANON!

—Mr. Napcakes
"Did We Forget? (Pt. 1)" is the 14th episode of the first season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 14th overall episode of the series.


The Dawn Dusk Gems encounter new gems.


Apatite, Rhodo, and Malachite were on the sands of Rise Island, walking towards the warp pad. Rhodo, still curious about their destination, couldn’t stop asking the same question.

Rhodo: No, seriously! Where are we going?

Apatite: Have patience, Rhodo.

Malachite: Yeah, we’re almost there!

They all stepped on the warp pad with Apatite warping Rhodo to the Galaxy Warp. The ocean sounds were calming, but the fluorescent lights were grabbing all the attention. Rhodo, still confused, asked why were they at the Galaxy Warp.

Rhodo: Why are we at the Galaxy Warp? We can’t exactly train here….

Apatite: You’ll see soon, Rhodo. You have to have patience.

They used the Crystal Gems’ warp pad, which gave Rhodo the explanation he wanted. He was surprised. They warped to a location Rhodo wasn’t very familiar with. A house? There was a kitchen a couch, and even a bed and television on the upper floor. But when he turned around he saw a temple door with 5 stars.

Rhodo: Wait, this is where Rose Quartz lives?!

Malachite: Yeah, I’m SO excited to meet her!

Apatite: I am too!

Suddenly, the temple door activated with two gems, red and blue, glowing at the lower points of the star. Garnet stepped out of the door and shook hands with the Dawn Dusk Gems.

Garnet: What brings you here?

Apatite: We’ve come to train. We fear that there may be an attack, targeted at our temple, in the upcoming week or so.

Garnet: Hm…

Garnet took a few seconds to think about this. She came up with an idea.

Garnet: Here, take this Marble Shard. If you hold on to this when warping, it’ll take you to our training grounds. It’s occupied, but I’m sure it won’t be a problem.

Rhodo: Thanks Garnet!

Garnet: Don’t mention it.

When they stepped back onto the warp pad, Malachite had a very important question to ask.

Malachite: So, where’s Rose Quartz?

Garnet was a bit surprised.

Apatite: That probably wasn’t the time to ask that.

Garnet: You need to leave.

Rhodo: Got it!

Apatite: Wait, Rhodo, I think she meant-!

But before she could finish her sentence, Rhodo activated the warp pad and warped the Dawn Dusk Gems to, a flower field? Apatite forgot what she was about to say and started to admire the scenery, but Rhodo and Malachite were a bit confused. They both raised an eyebrow.

Apatite: Welcome to “The Meeting Ground!”

Malachite: This doesn’t seem like the kind of place to train…

Rhodo: Yeah, is this a joke?

Apatite: Just take a moment to appreciate the wonderful scenery. We’ll get to training in a min-

But before she could finish her sentence, again, someone bumped into her with rapid speed, causing her to fly off a couple of meters. The figure that bumped into her stood up, hands covering her mouth.

???: Oh, I’m sorry!

Then another gem walked up next to her.

???2: Way to go, Titanium! Very cautious, huh?

Titanium Quartz: Star…

Rhodo and Malachite were surprised. They didn’t expect to meet gems at the Meeting Ground. Then again, the training area they were at was called the Meeting Ground. Rhodo looked a bit shaken.

Rhodo: Oh, uh, h-hi!

Malachite: Who are YOU guys?...

TQ: Well, I’m Titanium Quartz! Well, you can call me Titanium, if you want.

The other gem walked up next to her.

SS: I’m Star Sapphire. The one that tries not to bump into people.

TQ: Ugh!

Titanium nudged her elbow into Star Sapphire, making her disgusted.

SS: See what I mean?

TQ: Anyway… I’m part of a group called the Galaxy Gems! Star, here, is part of a group called the Enchanted Gems.

Star Sapphire fixed her bangs.

SS: Hey, is your friend okay? I’m kinda worried…

Rhodo: Oh yeah, she’ll be fine! She’s a tough gal.

Apatite finally catches up to her friends, but with disoriented flowers in her hair and some grass on her face and clothing. Malachite hovered her hands over Apatite’s face and repelled the flowers and grass away.

Apatite: Thank you… Who are they?

Malachite: Titanium Quartz and Star Sapphire. Titanium’s from the Galaxy Gems and Star’s from the Enchanted Gems.

TQ: Sorry for bumping into you! We were training with each other…

SS: Me too… Are you okay?...

Apatite: I’m fine. Thank you for your concern… Now, do you know a good area here where we can train?

SS: Yeah, actually! There’s a free spot to the east of… What is that?!

Suddenly, a mysterious shadow-like figure appeared. It took the form of Apatite, but with dark red eyes, blonde hair, dark grey skin, and monochrome-like clothing. But her gem was a pinkish-red for some odd reason. She summoned her polearm and was ready to strike.

Apatite: It appears to be… Me?..!

The Shadow Apatite came to strike the real Apatite, but, quickly alerted, Star Sapphire summoned her nunchucks and made an intersection. There was a big clash between Shadow Apatite’s polearm and Star’s nunchucks. When there appeared to be an opening, Star swung her nunchucks into Apatite’s head, where her gem was, and made her explode into pink dust and rose petals. Star Sapphire panted while the other gems just stared, shocked. Star Sapphire made her weapon disappear and turned to the gems.

SS: So, anyone have ANY idea of what just happened?

Apatite: Not a clue… That was extremely odd.

Titanium: I think it’s best not to worry about it, but keep an eye out if that sort of thing happens again, okay?

Malachite: We will, thanks!

As the Dawn Dusk Gems were walking away, Rhodo overheard Star saying something.

SS: Man, that shadow-thing was scumbag…

Rhodo turned around excitedly.


Apatite: Rhodo!

Rhodo: What?...

Rhodo turned around and continued to walk with the Dawn Dusk Gems.

Rhodo: Y’know, I always felt like we just kinda forgot about the other rebel groups…

Malachite: Did we forget? I actually didn’t know about the other groups at all!

Apatite: There’s a lot you don’t know about Earthbound gems, Malachite. Rose Quartz lead her army against the Homeworld due to their horrible ideas. We Earthbound gems still stand and defend the Earth, even if our glorious leader has fallen! We are still united!

Malachite and Rhodo clapped and laughed a bit.

Rhodo: Nice speech.

Apatite: My apologies… I didn’t mean for that to turn into a speech.

Malachite: It’s cool.

Before they reached the area they were going to, they noticed something to the north of them. They turned to the left, and noticed that some gems were fighting over a training spot. It was 3 against 2 in this argument. The 3 gems looked royal, while the other 2 gems looked a bit more casual. One of them even had a monkey tail and the other a hoodie. The Dawn Dusk Gems quickly went over to the five gems that were arguing.

Sodalite: Please settle down. You’re causing a scene.

Sapphire: I’m causing a scene? How rude of you! You’re talking to me, Sapphire, one of the 3 brothers that created this entire universe! Just let us have this area, Pepsi, whatever your name is…

Soda: My name is Sodalite… And I don’t want an argument. We just want the training spot.

Emerald: You brought this on yourself.

Soda: Should we look for another spot, Jet?

Jet: I kinda wanna stay here, monkey boy.

Onix: This is OUR spot. It’s taken, so just go away..!

Malachite: Will you break it up, ya knuckleheads?!

The 5 gems turned to the Dawn Dusk Gems.

Onix: Who are you?...

Apatite: Well, I’m Apatite, and these are my friends, Rhodo and Malachite. We are the Dawn Dusk Gems, rebels of the Homeworld, as well as you guys, I presume.

Soda: Yeah, we’re rebels as well.

Jet: Aren’t we all?

Soda: Excuse me for not introducing myself beforehand, but I’m Sodalite and he’s Jet Lignite. You can call me Soda.

Jet: You can call me Jet.

Onix: And we’re the 3 Brothers; Onix, Sapphire, and Emerald. We created the-

Jet: Enough with that nonsense…

Sapphire summoned his scythe, which caused Jet to tensen up and summon his sickle.

Rhodo: Aiyaiyai! You guys won’t ever stop, will you? Just put the weapons away and chill out! Why don’t you guys just use the training area together?

Soda: I’m with the pink guy on this one. It’s a possibility and a decent idea.

Jet: It’s a small space for 5 people…

Rhodo: Right…

Rhodo looked around the flower fields to see an empty spot, when suddenly he saw a shadowy figure. It appeared to look like Rhodo, but its hair was blonde and its overall appearance had monochrome like scheme. It summoned its weapons, which were identical to Rhodo’s hand-claws. This creeped Rhodo out a bit, but that didn’t stop Sapphire from slicing the shadow’s head in half and Soda attacking it with his bo staff. The shadow disappeared into pink dust and rose petals. The area was silent for several seconds.

Rhodo: Again, what just happened?

Malachite: This is weird...

Sapphire, Soda, and Jet put away their weapons. Fortunately, Soda spotted an area that they could use for their training.

Soda: Jet, I found a spot. And it’s bigger than this one.

Jet: Nice!

The two gems left. Soda’s monkey tail intrigued Malachite.

Malachite: WOAH! He has a monkey tail!

Soda turned back, raising an eyebrow, but then he continued to walk.

Apatite: Malachite, don’t be rude.

Malachite: B-but the monkey tail!

Rhodo: His friend’s kinda hot if you ask me.

Malachite: I’ll pretend you didn’t say that.

The Dawn Dusk Gems finally got to their training area. The flowers were colorful, but they didn’t seem to fit with the intention of the Meeting Ground. Nevertheless, the Meeting Ground was a picturesque place. Before they started, they spotted two other gems using their spot. One of them was pale green and had a gem on his back. The other one was yellow and had a colorful yukata with a flower in her hair. They saw the Dawn Dusk Gems coming.

Rhodo: Hey, are you using this spot?

Jade: Well, duh.

Citrine: Don’t mind my friend, he’s a little tense after training with me. We were just leaving anyway.

Jade: Yeah, uh, sorry, I guess.

Apatite: It’s fine. Can we use it?

Citrine: Well, sure!

But before they left, Citrine went up to Rhodo with a seducing smile.

Citrine: Hey cutie.

Did she try to flirt with him? However, Rhodo wasn’t into it.

Rhodo: Sorry, I don’t like female-looking gems, so…

Citrine: What?! N-no, I’m actually a-

Jade: Give it up, Citrine, let’s go home.

Citrine: F-fine...

The two left, with Citrine strutting and Jade walking slowly. The Dawn Dusk Gems got out their weapons. Apatite gracefully pulled out her polearm, Rhodo got out his hand-claws, and Malachite got out her scythe. But something seemed off. Malachite looked curious.

Apatite: Is there something wrong, Malachite? Malachite: I can’t help but feel that there’s something off about this place…

Rhodo: You’re getting that vibe, too?

Malachite: Yeah, it’s kinda weird! I feel like there’s always someone behind my back…

Suddenly, another shadow-like being appeared behind Malachite. Apatite and Rhodo were both shocked.

Apatite: Malachite, move!

Malachite quickly evaded the attack from her shadow replica. She had blonde hair, red eyes, and a black and white scheme. The shadow Malachite tried slicing the real Malachite in half, but Jade came out of nowhere and attack the shadow with a bo staff. However, that only subdued the shadow Malachite, and didn't destroy it. Fortunately, Citrine came back running while throwing ninja stars at the shadow Malachite, surprising it and causing it to explode into pink dust and rose petals. The 2 gems panted, but they regained their strength.

Apatite: Thanks so much.

Jade: Not a problem.

Citrine: I'M A GUY!

Rhodo: What?

Jade: Citrine, let's go!

Jade tugged Citrine away from Rhodo. They walked away while Citrine looked a bit disappointed.

Malachite: See?! There was even a me! A shadow me!

Apatite: There has to be an explanation for this...

Rhodo: Let's start training first... I kinda don't want to deal with this problem at the moment.

Apatite: I suppose we should... That's why we came here, after all.

Rhodo, Apatite, and Malachite continued to train, practicing their fighting skills and movements. But little did they know they were being watched. Behind the flowers was a mysterious figure, watching from afar.

???: Hm...

Production Notes

This is a crossover episode with other peoples' gems! This has little to no relevance to the actual plot.

To the people who's gems are in the crossover - If your gems don't appear in this episode, they'll most likely appear in the next episode.

Plus, if you find this episode to be badly written, just try to write an entire episode dedicated to about 18 gems. The rest will appear in part 2.




  • Marble Shard


  • Rise Island
  • Steven's Room
  • The Meeting Ground


  • This is the first crossover episode of the series.

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