The Dawn Dusk Gems are a group of 9 gems that reside on Earth, specifically on Rise Island in the Pacific. Their mission is to collect the corrupted gems on Earth.

Dawn Dusk Gems (Group)

The Dawn Dusk Gems! Updates frequently-not-so-frequently.


Division A

Division B

Division C



History (In Fragments and by Order of Reveal)

Not much is known about the Dawn Dusk Gems. It is heavily implied that they mysteriously disappeared. The only ones known to remain (at the beginning of Dawn Dusk Gems) are Apatite, Rhodochrosite, and Lucia (Who isn't necessarily a gem).

In Green Gem, Apatite found Malachite's gem. However, she couldn't recover it then due to the scratch marks on her gem. Fortunately, in Provoked Skies, Apatite fully recovers Malachite.

It is revealed in The Reunion that Tiger's Eye gave up his physical form to become half of Lucia for an unknown reason, Corundum was exiled by Tiger's Eye for having a love affair with a Homeworld Gem, and nobody knows what happened to Smoky Quartz.

As for Division B, it is revealed in Snowfall, by Moonstone (before reverting back into her gem), that Larimar is presumably at Rose's Temple. It is revealed in The Reunion that Idocrase's gem was bubbled a while ago at the Thermal Cave.

Malachite, Moonstone, and Idocrase were all assassinated (with the exception of Larimar, who was threatened to be killed, but was not assassinated) by Spinel, who was previously a member of the Dawn Dusk Gems, exiled by Tiger's Eye for reasons unknown.

It was revealed that Corundum was exiled from the Dawn Dusk Gems for fusing with his lover that Tiger's Eye didn't approve of.

It is later revealed that Spinel was Corundum's lover, but she was killed by Smoky Quartz accidentally. But she still remains present day, for some odd reason.

In The Fallen, it's revealed that Lady Pyrope was the one to end Tiger's life/caused him to become one with Lucia. Alongside Lady Pyrope was Padparadscha.

Full History (In Chronological Order)

Coming soon!


The Dawn Dusk Gems are divided into 3 Divisions. Division C is the lowest ranking, containing Apatite, Rhodochrosite, and Malachite. Division B is higher than Division C but lower than Division A, containing Moonstone, Larimar, and Idocrase. Division A is the highest ranking, containing Tiger's Eye (The leader of the Dawn Dusk Gems), Corundum, and Smoky Quartz. Division C takes on the easier missions, Division B takes on the normal missions, and Division A takes on the hard missions.


This is basically the temple door and how it opens for each of the gems. I might include other things in this gallery.

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