What's this? Have you stumbled upon a SECRET PAGE? Well, no. It's not really secret at all, actually. Here lists all of the deleted scenes from Dawn Dusk Gems.


Yep. I made this. Yeah, this is a thing.

Season 1 - Road to Recovery

Episode 8 - Loner

This episode was supposed to be written by Doc, but I [Mr. Napcakes] decided to write the series himself. The episode was supposed to feature Lucia warping through the warp pads and having fun, then eventually witnessing the Crystal Gems encounter Peridot at the Galaxy Warp. This episode was scrapped because I thought it was a pretty stupid idea and it'd be boring to write.

Season Finale Concepts

What you may have not known was that Lucia was meant to die in the season finale! She was supposed to be severely injured someway, with Jace lying down next to her, crying. Then, Lucia was meant to pass down her gem to Jace, giving him the powers of a gem. While this was an interesting concept, I didn't wanted to kill off Lucia.

Season 2 - We're Still Alive

Episode 25 - Amorous Amalgam

This episode was the episode where Rhodochrosite and Agate became boyfriends and fused with eachother. This episode DID have a hint of sexual intercourse in it, but it was replaced with a kid-friendly nap. Here's the deleted scene:

He seducingly smiles at his new partner, blushing, and Rhodo does the same. The two gems are alone and happy with each other. They watch the sun set while cuddling with one another. Agate turns to Rhodo, who’s leaning on him.

Agate: Hey..

Rhodo: Yeah?

Agate: Wanna do something fun?

Rhodo is shocked by this comment. His entire face turns red.

Rhodo: L-like what?

Agate: You’ll see…

Agate slowly lays over Rhodo, kissing him passionately and helping him remove his pink hoodie and Agate removing his decorative t-shirt. They’re both enjoying every second of their time alone with each other.

Eventually, Malachite proceeds to say:

Malachite: Oh. My. GOD!

???: … Is that a good reaction?

Malachite: YOU GUYS HAD-

The fusion gem puts finger slowly on Malachite’s mouth, shh-ing her.

???: Shh! Don’t tell! It’s embarrassing!

But this was deleted when the first deleted scene was removed.

Episode 27 - The Fallen

Instead of Pyrope "killing" Tiger's Eye, Jasper (yes, canon Jasper) was supposed to take her role! Then I decided to try my best NOT to use canon characters. Guess it worked out well.

Episode 36 - Beyond the Boundary

There was going to be a pun put in at the end of the episode that went along the lines of...

Rhodo: I guess Lucy...

Rhodo puts on a pair of shades.

Rhodo: Is ON the loose-y.

But Mr. Napcakes forgot to put it in and thought it'd ruin the moment as well.

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