I guess this is kinda important for readers and fans of DDG, so here it goes. Dawn Dusk Gems is discontinued. There will no longer be any new episodes. All the episodes are up to stay for new readers and for long-time readers who want to go back and experience the series again. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you all had a great time sticking with me! ^^

Dawn Dusk Gems is a fanon series created by Mr. Napcakes. It takes place on an uncharted island, Rise Island, in the Pacific Ocean, where the protagonist, Apatite, and her friend, Rhodo, are on a quest to recover the corrupted gems of the planet.

Season 2 is focusing on the history of the Dawn Dusk Gems and why they disappeared, including how they're going to deal with the entire situation. Unlike Season 1, Season 2 will have 15 episodes for each half as opposed to 10 episodes for each half.

Spoilers I guess - Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2 can get very cringe-worthy at times, mainly because Season 1 is basically Steven Universe's Season 1 and the fact that a relationship was made way too quickly in Season 2. So uh... If you can get through that, then congrats!

EDIT: EXTREMELY CRINGE-WORTHY. Read with caution. This series was stopped for a reason. XD


Here's a trailer for Dawn Dusk Gems if you haven't read it yet!
Dawn Dusk Gems Trailer!01:13

Dawn Dusk Gems Trailer!


How to Become a Writer?

Just ask! I'm not going to accept everybody that asks, so just give me a message and tell me about your writing abilites. If I give you restrictions, you have to follow them!!

BUT AS OF 3/30/15 - You don't. Sorry, but I hope you understand that the only way I can make this series as good as it can be is by doing it alone. Enjoy reading!

Extra Notes

  • A director is the one who comes up with the idea for the episode and the writer is the one who actually writes it. The director usually revises any errors in the transcript.
  • Please refrain from using my artwork. These are designs I did myself, and I'd appreciate if you didn't use them, even if you gave me credit.


This list below provides the chronological order of the seasons of Dawn Dusk Gems.

No. Sub. No. Title Life Span
1 A Road to Recovery February 6th, 2015 - March 29th, 2015
1 B Road to Recovery April 3rd, 2015 - May 2nd, 2015
SS1 N/A Hello Earth! May 31st. 2015 - TBA
2 A We're Still Alive May 11th, 2015 - September 6th, 2015
2 AB Special Episodes TBA
2 B We're Still Alive TBA

Season 1 - Road to Recovery

The list below provides the chronological order of the episodes from Season 1 of Dawn Dusk Gems.

Season 1A

No. Title Card Title Description Release Date
Ep 1 Title Card

Green Gem

Apatite discovers the gem of an old friend. February 6th, 2015
DDG Ep 2 Title Card
Rhodo's Garden Rhodo grows a vegetable garden, but things get out of hand. February 8th, 2015
DDG Ep 3 Title Card
Lucia and Jace Lucia brings home an unexpected guest.

February 9th, 2015

4 The Road Not Taken The Gems bring Jace on his first mission. February 13th, 2015
DDG Ep 5 Title Card
On the Rise The Gems and Jace go on a mission to get a healing elixir. February 15th, 2015
DDG Ep 6 Title Card2
Snowfall The Gems try to get back to Rise Island before they run out of time. February 22nd, 2015
DDG Ep 7 Title Card
Frozen Hearts Jace meets Octavia, but something bizarre happens. March 9th, 2015
Canceled Episode (DDG)
Loner Lucia spends her day exploring the world with the warp pads. BAD DATE
DDG Ep 9 Title Card
Silent Skies A new threat comes to Rise Island. March 21st, 2015
DDG Ep 10 Title Card
Provoked Skies With the help of a new friend, the Gems attempt to save Jace. March, 29th, 2015

Season 1B

No. Title Card Title Description Release Date
DDG Ep 11 Title Card

The Reunion

The Gems catch up with an old friend. April 3rd, 2015
DDG Ep 12 Title Card
Fusion Fiasco Jace urges Rhodo and Malachite to fuse. April 5th, 2015
DDG Ep 13 Title Card
Zero Tolerance Apatite can't handle running the Dawn Dusk Gems. April 7th, 2015
DDG Ep 14 Title Card
Did We Forget? (Pt. 1)

The Dawn Dusk Gems encounter new gems.

April 10th, 2015
DDG Ep 15 Title Card
Did We Forget? (Pt. 2) The Dawn Dusk Gems encounter new gems. April 13th, 2015
DDG Ep 16 Title Card
Weather Control Apatite and Malachite investigate a something strange happening at Smoky Quartz's grave. April 17th, 2015
DDG Ep 17 Title Card
Smoke and Mirrors The Dawn Dusk Gems try to recover Moonstone and Idocrase and find Larimar. April 18th, 2015
DDG Ep 18 Title Card
Alert The Dawn Dusk Gems try to decode a message. April 26th, 2015
DDG Ep 19 Title Card
Friendly Visit The Praelior gems come to "visit" the Dawn Dusk Gems. April 29th, 2015
DDG Ep 20 Title Card
Stronger Than You Think Jace and Lucia have to navigate through the gem warship in order to save the Dawn Dusk Gems. May 2nd, 2015

Side Series 1 - Hello Earth!

"Hello Earth!" is a side series in Dawn Dusk Gems. It features 3 kindergarten gems, Snowflake Obsidian, Howlite, and Galaxite, as they try to conquer the Earth in the name of Yellow Diamond, yet they have no idea who she is or why they need to conquer the Earth. Also, they're not very good at doing their jobs! Thanks to Darktriggerhappy, Neonclovers, Ember the ember dragon, and C22helios (as well as other users that probably helped me and my apologies for not mentioning you) for accepting the idea of a side series, as well as giving me ideas for episodes! Hello Earth! does eventually tie in with Dawn Dusk Gems, but you'll have to read it to find out how. :)

Hello Earth! Logo

This list below provides the chronological order of the episodes from the side series "Hello Earth!" from Dawn Dusk Gems.

No. Title Card Title Description Release Date
Hello Earth! Ep 1 Title Card

Okay, What Now?

Three Kindergarten gems ditch their creators and set out to fulfill their said destinies. May 31st, 2015
Hello Earth! Ep 2 Title Card
The Great Library Heist The trio goes out to steal what they believe is the source of all human knowledge; a children's book. June 30th, 2015
3 Kieran and Zoella The gems meet two humans while exploring the town of Blackmont. 2015
4 Just Like Dragon Ball Snow tries to master fusion, but she struggles. 2015
5 Howl, the King of Everything In Blackmont's next  mayoral election, Howl decides to run for mayor. 2015
6 Confrontation TBA 2015
7 Let's Get Away From Here TBA 2015
8 Shelter TBA 2015
9 Hide TBA 2015
10 We're Awesome TBA 2015

Season 2 - We're Still Alive

The list below provides the chronological order of the episodes from Season 2 of Dawn Dusk Gems.

Season 2A

No. Title Card Title Description Release Date
DDG Ep 21 Title Card

Experiments (Pt. 1)

The gems are cleaning up the mess while Moonstone has other plans. May 11th, 2015
DDG Ep 22 Title Card
Experiments (Pt. 2) Moon continues to try to fully revive a corrupted gem. May 14th, 2015
DDG Ep 23 Title Card
First Day Agate takes on his first mission with the Dawn Dusk Gems at the Valorian Valley. May 23rd, 2015
DDG Ep 24 Title Card
Lucia II: The Big Screen Jace and Octavia are taken by Lucia to a mysterious location that once belonged to Tiger's Eye, but they discover something horrible as well. May 27th, 2015
DDG Ep 25 Title Card
Amorous Amalgam Rhodo and Agate take their relationship to the next level. May 30th, 2015
DDG Ep 26 Title Card
Love Affair Apatite recalls the moment when Corundum was exiled from the Dawn Dusk Gems. June 7th, 2015
DDG Ep 27 Title Card
The Fallen The gems recall the moment when Tiger's Eye became one with Lucia. June 24th, 2015
DDG Ep 28 Title Card
My Name Is Christa A girl named Christa visits Rise Island with some shocking news. June 25th, 2015
DDG Ep 29 Title Card
Someone Who Changed My Life The Dawn Dusk Gems are told about how Smoky Quartz left them. July 4th, 2015
DDG Ep 30 Title Card
Quiet Place Moonstone runs away to her quiet place after upsetting Apatite, and it's Apatite's job to retrieve her. July 6th, 2015
DDG Ep 31 Title Card
Paradox Universe Rosaline attempts to escape a gem warship she has no memory of getting on. July 9th, 2015
DDG Ep 32 Title Card
The Leaf Village When Idocrase is lost in the forest behind the temple, the gems find something they didn't expect to find at all. July 24th, 2015
DDG Ep 33 Title Card
Is This My Home? Olive has second thoughts on joining the Dawn Dusk Gems, so the gems come up with an idea to cheer her up. August 14th, 2015
DDG Ep 34 Title Card
Time's Up An old friend comes over. September 5th, 2015
DDG Ep 35 Title Card
Unlikely Ally An old enemy comes over. September 6th, 2015

Season 2AB - Special Episodes

No. Title Card Title Description Release Date
DDG Special Ep 1 Title Card

Dream Time

2 Merry Christmas TBA TBA
3 The Tiger Knows Best TBA TBA
4 Shattered Dreams TBA TBA

Season 2B

No. Title Card Title Description Release Date
DDG Ep 36 Title Card

Beyond the Boundary

Moonstone is at it again with her experiments, now with an even more preposterous idea; gem cloning.  September 28th, 2015
DDG Ep 37 Title Card
Looking for Lucy The gems go on a search to find Lucy. October 15th, 2015
DDG Ep 38 Title Card
The All-Knowing Catastrophe Pink Opal wants to know more about fusion, so Apatite and Moonstone show her. 2015
DDG Ep 39 Title Card
New Interiors The Honoraries feel the need to have their own rooms to themselves, so they get help. 2015
20 The Honoraries The Dawn Dusk Gems put the Honoraries through a test. 2015
21 Safer This Way The gems return to the Kindergarten to investigate some strange behavior. TBA
22 Be Careful Denial, sadness, and anger. TBA
23 Idocrase's Playdate Idocrase and Olivine go over to Greymont for a playdate with Jace and Octavia to get their minds off of the drama back home. TBA
24 The Arcelians Apatite and Moonstone bring the gems to an ancient temple. TBA
25 Family Feud Rhodo reunites with an old friend. Meanwhile, a storm stirs back home. TBA
26 Controlling Sard The gems try to make Malachite and Rhodo fuse into a more stable being. TBA
27 The Spy TBA TBA
28 The End (Pt. 1) - Escape and Arrival TBA TBA
29 The End (Pt. 2) - How Pointless TBA TBA
30 The End (Pt. 3) - All That Remains TBA TBA

Season 3 - Things Change

The list below provides the chronological order of the episodes from Season 3 of Dawn Dusk Gems.

Season 3A

No. Title Card Title Description Release Date

For Better Or Worse

2 Old Friends, New Friends TBA TBA
3 First Day of the Job TBA TBA
4 Undesirable Stay TBA TBA
5 Practice Makes Perfect TBA TBA
6 The Transcendence of Time TBA TBA
7 Shameful Lust TBA TBA
8 Another Path TBA TBA
9 The Project TBA TBA
10 On Our Way TBA TBA
11 I'm Not Proud of You TBA TBA
12 The Arrival & the Reveal TBA TBA
13 Home Sweet Home TBA TBA
14 Band-Aids Don't Fix Bullet Holes TBA TBA
15 Accelerando TBA TBA


    • Ciphers will be given before every episode after Lucia II: The Big Screen. Well, maybe.
  • The series originally had more writers (LikeBrony and TheDoctorofAwesomeness) until Mr. Napcakes felt the need to "pull the plug" and continue the series himself.


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