Dark Side
Season 1A, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date 6/22/15
Written by jordancon2000
Directed by jordancon2000
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Amanda Fusion Scheme


Theme Song

Steven: What do we do?

Spike: I don't know, but if we don't contain her then we're dead.

Crystal: Definitely!

Lapis: But how are we gonna contain her?

Amanda: It doesn't how I'm contained, it just matters what happens to you Crystal Snobs.

Spike: Well actually it's...

Amanda: Silence!

Spike: Ok.

Amanda: (casts spell on the four gems sending them to a dark version of beach city)

Dark Beach City

Steven: Everything looks different.

Spike: Hey guys! Look at that.(points to a poster)

Crystal: It says The Evil Gems are better than anyone.

Lapis: That seems really harsh.

Evil Spike: That's the whole point.

Evil Crystal: We love being better than anyone.

Evil Lapis: Obviously.

Evil Steven: We even have our own theme.

Evil Spike: (hands Spike lyrics sheet)

Spike: We are The Evil Gems

Here to enslave your race

and if you think we can't

We'll hit you with a mace

That's why the people of this world

bows to

Crystal, Lapis, Spike & Steven!

Crystal: Oh my god!

Lapis: You guys are messed up in the head.

Spike: (shapeshifts into baseball bat and knocks out The Evil Gems)

Steven: Nice.

Spike: I'm ready for this episode to end.(stomps causing the background to break revealing the real Beach City)

Amanda: No! You've escaped my prison.

Lapis: And now you'll be trapped in my prison.

Amanda: Huh?

Lapis: (brings water and splashes Amanda whose now wearing water hand cuffs)

Amanda: No!

Lapis: Now your my prisoner.(makes water drag Amanda under the water)

Amanda: No!

Spike: Well that was easy.

Crystal: Yeah.

Steven: I'm gonna have nightmares now.

Spike: We all are.

The End


  • Steven Universe
  • Spike Jefferson
  • Crystal Jefferson
  • Lapis Lazuli


  • Amanda
  • Evil Steven
  • Evil Spike
  • Evil Crystal
  • Evil Lapis

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