This is the 27th episode of the Legend of Sapphire series.


Charoite, Peridot, Steven, and Lapis go on a mission to the Voodoo Temple.


The episode begins on the beach where Peridot and Charoite are practicing their sparing for the next time Dragon Opal returns. Peridot was the first to charge but her attacks were extremely easy to dodge and because of that, Charoite had no problems avoiding the attacks. Charoite the began to use some of his hand-to-hand combat skills in order to battle and quickly, he was able to defeat Peridot without any problems at all. Peridot stood up and blushed a little from her embarrassment telling Charoite that she was a terrible fighter. Charoite told her that wasn't a bad fighter, she just hasn't reached her full potential yet. Peridot mentioned that she wasn't powerful enough to battle many of the more powerful gems and thought that she was just a waste of time for the Gems. Charoite walked up to her and tried to comfort her, knowing how disappointed she was with herself and told her that he could try to help her if she wanted. Peridot asked how he could help not knowing if he could actually make her more powerful or not. Charoite told her that he could teach her how to use voodoo magic for battle like he does. Peridot was nervous about this since she knew how unstable voodoo was from what Charoite told her but he mentioned that if done properly it wouldn't affect someone like it affected him. Peridot smiled and hugs Charoite then agrees to her learning voodoo magic for battle. Meanwhile, Steven walks outside and calls for Charoite and Peridot so they can come inside which they hear. Charoite and Peridot walk in together and see Onyx and Garnet waiting for them as well as Lapis and Steven sitting together. Charoite asks what they needed and Garnet told them that she wanted them to go on a mission to retrieve a sacred artifact. Steven asked what the artifact was and whete it was and Onyx awnsered by saying that it was the Staff of the Shadows which is found at the Voodoo Temple which sent chills down Steven's spine. Steven remembered what voodoo could do to someone and began to fear of what would happen in the temple but Lapis managed to calm him down by kissing him on the cheek. Charoite agreed to the mission and asked when they had to head out and Garnet answered as soon as possible. Charoite, Peridot, Steven, and Lapis got on the warp pad preparing for their mission as they warp to the outside of the Voodoo Temple.

They arrive at the entrance to the Voodoo Temple which was revealed to be a massive mask-like structure made of stone. Peridot asked Charoite how they were going to get into the temple since he knew about voodoo magic more then any other gem. Charoite told them that he has been in this temple before and knew how to get inside. Charoite walked up to the statue of the voodoo mask and fired to orbs of green voodoo magic at the eyes of the statue which made its eyes turn purple. The statue began to change change its colors to purple and green and it began to open its massive mouth as well as shoting out bursts of voodoo magic. The voodoo magic created jungle drums the lead up to the giant mask entrance and small masks begin to fly out of its mouth from a green void of voodoo magic. Steven and Lapis held on tight to each other frightened by the voodoo magic that was displayed to them from the mask. Peridot began to hold on tight to Charoite's arm fearing this display of voodoo but unlike the others, Charoite was not afraid of the display and told them that they needed to jump into the void in the mask's mouth in order to make it into the temple. He ran up to the mask and jumped into the green void inside of its mouth and appeared to burst into green flames. Peridot without hesitation, ran into the mouth in order to rescue Charoite and Lapis and Steven follow her although they hesitated at first. They all jump into the void and suddenly appear inside of the Voodoo Temple and see Charoite waiting for them. They all got up and looked around seeing the frightful decor of the temple, making them all scared except for Charoite who had no fear of the temple. Lapis noticed and asked how he was able to not be scared of the temple and Charoite was about to answer but there a muffled sound coming from the pocket of Charoite's tail coat. He pulled out a small shrunken head that began to tell Lapis that Charoite had only one fear and it was definitely not the temple. Lapis and Steven held onto each other, scared about the head but Peridot didn't seem scared about the shrunken head. Peridot asked what that was and Charoite told her that it was his shrunken head, Juju who is a good friend to Charoite. Juju looked at Peridot and began to say that Charoite was lucky to find a fine looking gem like her which made Peridot blush as well as Charoite blushing in embarrassment. Juju then was about to tell what his only fear was but he quickly covered Juju's mouth and put him back in his pocket saying that he can get really annoying at times. Charoite then told the Gems that they must continue the mission for the staff.

They walked down the hall way and saw many shrunken heads dangling from the wall and notice some of them moving freely. Some of the heads began to levitate into the air and begin to follow the Gems as they walk through the hall. They look behind them and see the shrunken heads following them and Steven, Lapis, and Peridot notice one of the heads began to try to bite them which made them run faster down the hall. Charoite ran with them in an attempt to keep up and notice that the shrunken heads were chasing them. He pulled out his voodoo cane and fired a beam of voodoo magic at the heads that chased them which made them return to where they came from. Charoite then told the Gems to stop running which they did and warned them that the hall coming up was extreamly dangerous. Steven asked why and Charoite explained that there was a hall of voodoo masks in the hall coming up and tells them not to look at any of the masks directly in their eyes. Steven asked what would happen if they did look into the masks' eyes amd Charoite answered that the mask would literally take their soul from their body, making him hug Lapis for comfort. Charoite told them that they must go though the Hall of Masks to get to the staff so they all walked together down the wide hall with the masks on the fall with their purple eyes. The Gems only faced to the front of the hall to avoid facing the masks which worked but Steven began to hear Lapis. It sounded like she was in destress and quickly turned around to see a mask with an evil green on its face. It opened its mouth and began to suck Steven's soul out but Charoite noticed this and fired a voodoo shot from his cane making the mask lose its power and returns Steven's soul. Steven screamed in pain and Charoite asked if he was alright but Steven responded that it was so painful from how they take your soul since it felt like it literally was tearing your soul from your body. Charoite then walked but to the front of the group and Steven walked closer to Lapis so the masks couldn't trick him like they did. Peridot heard what sounded like Jasper demanding her to turn around and face her commanding officer. Peridot wasn't sure if it was a trick or if it was Jasper but the voice was so convincing that Peridot turned around and faced the mask that was tricking Peridot. The mask began to open its mouth and started sucking Peridot's soul from her body but Charoite noticed and demanded that the mask would let his girlfriend go and used a special blast of voodoo that stopped all of the masks making them collapse to the ground and returned Peridot's soul to her. Peridot began to collapse but Charoite cought her and carried her in his arms.

Peridot began to wake up and notices that she is being carried by Charoite which makes her blush a little. She tells Charoite that she is awake and he gently placed her down so she can continue walking on her own. They arrive at the end of the temple hall and find a massive chamber with the staff located at the center of the room. Peridot wanted to get the staff but Charoite stopped her mentioning that there are many voodoo-based traps in the room that could hurt her or even kill her. Peridot backed up and and suddenly they heard a muffled sound from Charoite's pocket and Charoite pulled out Juju again. He began to say to Peridot "come on man, stop your whining and let the chick go". Charoite got irritated and told him to be quiet but Juju wouldn't shut up so once again, he put him back in his pocket. Charoite said that he will go through the room so no one else would get hurt from the traps. He used his voodoo magic to get through the traps and managed to reach the staff. But as he went to grab the staff, he was blown back and evil voodoo spirits come from the staff as it displayed its horrifying magic. The magic was frighting to everyone but Charoite who still standed strong against the fear of the magic. Steven began to hide behind Lapis and Peridot tried to stand strong but couldn't overcome the fear. The shadow spirits then charge at Peridot in an attempt to attack but Charoite jumped in front of her and used his own voodoo magic to over power the spirits that tried to attack Peridot and the others. The spirits then return to the staff and Peridot goes up to grab it and this time it allows her to grab the staff. She pulls it from the ground and she can feel the voodoo magic channel through her body feeling its amazing power. Charoite was relived that Peridot was safe now that the spirits have stopped attacking and they all agree that they should head back to the temple. They see Onyx waiting for them as they present the staff to him from their mission. Onyx was delighted to see this and even smiled from it and told them that they could keep the voodoo staff if they wanted and Peridot asked Charoite if she could be the one to keep it. Charoite smiled and allowed that then walked out to the beach which made Peridot follow him.

Charoite sat down on the beach staring out at the sun as it begins to set and Peridot joins him as she sits next to him. She blushes a little and tells him the he was so brave in the temple and thanked him for saving her life from those masks that tried to take her soul. She then asked Charoite what his one fear was that Juju tryed to say. Charoite didn't want to tell but Peridot told him that she would never tell a soul of his one fear. Charoite took a deep breath and told her his fear which was the fear of losing Peridot since he cared so much for her that losing her would be more painful then death. Peridot blushed a dark olive green from hearing this and moved closer to Charoite saying that she feared losing him since she felt the same way about losing Charoite. He blushed a dark purple and slowy leaned in for a kiss but unknown to him, Juju managed to role out of his pocket and decided to ruin the moment. Juju asked in a funny way if he was locking lips with his green babe which made Charoite agitated with him and decided to put him back in his pocket so he can't ruin the moment again. He slowly leaned in and began to kiss Peridot enjoying the moment as the last light of day shines on them as they kiss. But as they kiss, Juju manages to roll out of the pocket once again and then with his witty mouth, he asks if he could join their hot moment making Charoite pull away and summon a piece of duck tape for him to use. Charoite then placed it over Juju's mouth so he could stop talking and constantly ruining the moments that Peridot and Charoite try to share with each other. He then begins to kiss Peridot and this time Juju didn't ruin the moment like he tried to do the past couple of times which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Garnet
  • Onyx
  • Charoite
  • Peridot
  • Juju
  • Shrunken heads
  • Voodoo masks
  • Dark spirits


  • This episode was based on a roleplay done by vultureking and jinx binx.
  • This is the first episode we see Juju.
  • It is revealed that Charoite only fears one thing and nothing else.
  • It is shown that Steven still fears voodoo magic from all that Charoite did to him before he joined the Gems.
  • This is what the entrance to the Voodoo Temple was based on

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