Crystal Rebels is a series made by 'SapphireTheCrystalGem' about Coal and Diamond,two gems rebelling from Homeworld as they flee to earth and quickly discover secrets and lessons about their new home while having adventures of their own.


Major Characters

Recurring Characters

Episode Guide

Season 1

1. Crash Landing(CR) : Coal and Diamond flee and land on Earth leading to hijinx.

2.Warp Monsters:The duo finds out the warp pads and gem monsters on Earth.

3.Crystal Gems:Coal and Diamond find out about the other gem rebels on Earth.


5.Earth School:Coal and Diamond join a high school to fit in but they'll have to deal with hate.

6.School Club:Coal joins the school chess club reluctantly,leading to obsession.

7.Rebel Temple:Sam and his Dad help Coal and Diamond build a home in their neighborhood.

8.Neighborhood Welcome:Sam's family invites the neighborhood over to welcome Coal and Diamond and to have a grill,but things don't go as expected.

9.Homeworld Hysteria:Coal and Diamond visit Kindergarten where they see Bloodstone,a HW gem.

10.Party Planners:Diamond and Coal plan Sam's 16th birthday party in gem style.

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