The Cristel Jems are a group of fugitive gems that have teamed up to defeat Cristel. After killing the Crystal Gems, they have taken of he mantle of Protectors of Earth and Steven's guardians.


Garnit: Team leader and strongest member.

Peerl: The (arguably) smartest member of the group.

Amithest: The reckless member of the group.


The Cristel Jems defected from Homeworld and the Diemund Athority after witnessing Cristel kill an innocent gem. Cristel followed them to Earth and mistook the Crystal Gems for them. After wiping the floor with the Crytal Gems, the Cristel Jems decided that the Crystal Gems were too weak to fight Cristel, raise Steven or protect the planet, so they killed the Gems and took on their responsibilities. They now reside on the old temple which they are currently remodeling.

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