Cristel is a member of the Diemund Athurity and the most powerful gem in existence.


Cristel's body is mainly composed of his gem. His arms, legs and head all stem out from it. His entire body is some shade of gray though he can change his color. His hands have claws for fingers and his feet are wheels.


Standard Gem Abilities: Like all gems, Cristel can shapeshift, regenerate and summon weapons.

Invincibility: Cristel is completely invincible. His gem is indestructible as well.

Super Speed: Cristel can run without breaks and has no limit to his speed.

Super Climbing: Cristel can scale any surface as fast as he can run.

Flight: Cristel is capable of indefinite flight. His flight speed is infinite.

Teleportation: Cristel can teleport wherever he wants to go, even if he's never been there before.

Claws: Cristel's claws can slash through anything.

Elemental Mastery: Cristel has control over all elements, including earth, fire, water, air. darkness, light and energy (though he mainly uses darkness and fire cause they're the coolest)

Martial Arts Proficiency: He has complete mastery in every form of fighting. If there's one he doesn't know, he can copy it in a matter of seconds.

Swordsmanship: Cristel is a master with blades. While he has proficiency in all sword technics but a notable mention goes to his being a Keyblade master.

Super Sayien: Cristel can reach Super Sayien God form by himself.

Weapons: Cristel can summon any weapon he wants from his gem.

Musical Talents: Cristel is both a mastery at all instruments, gem and human and an excellent singer.


Cristel is a member of the Diemund Athurity. His past is dark and mysterious so no one knows how exactly he joined. He single-handedly defeated the Crystal Gems which prompted their assassination by the Cristel Jems

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