Crash Landing
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date April 15,2015
Written by SapphireTheCrystalGem
Directed by SapphireTheCrystalGem
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N/A Warp Monsters
Crash Landing is the first episode in the first season of Crystal Rebels.


Coal and Diamond flee to Earth meeting a family.


Coal and Diamond are on a ship with Coal driving.Diamond seems to be vulnerable to the extreme heat.

Diamond:*Panting*How much longer?

Coal:We are just there........

Suddenly the ship gets hit with a knife and starts to go out of control.

Coal:Get ready..........this landing won't be pretty!

The screen goes black and lights back up showing a beach with the ship wrecked on the sand.Then it shows Coal and Diamond getting up from the wreckage.Diamond walks to a piece of the wreckage and sees the knife.


Coal sees the knife then looks around.

Coal:Where are we?

Diamond:Earth.I've read about it.

Coal:Of course,every gem learns about Earth when their spawned.The rebel hotspot.

Diamond:So we'll fit right in.

Diamond and Coal look at the water for a bit then hear something.

???:And here we have the famous beach where the epic battle between North America and Oceania took place.


Diamond and Coal jump behind a rock as the tourist guide and tourists come into sight.Suddenly they see Coal and Diamond.They scream and run.

Tourist Guide:Wait come back!*turns to Coal and Diamond*Who....What are you?

Coal and Diamond:We are gems,an alien species.Coal:Well,i'm half-human.

Tourist Guide:ALIENS!?!?PERFECT!

Coal and Diamond:What?

Mrs.Mickenler:This will bring way more tourists.Oh,where are my manners,my name is Mrs.Mickenler.Who are you?

Diamond:I'm Diamond and this is Coal.

Mrs.Mickenler:You can stay with me and my family for the duration of your stay.

Coal:Wait,let's think about this-


Diamond,Coal,and Mrs.Mickenler walk away from the beach as Mrs.Mickenler says that they'll have to clean the mess up.It skips to Mrs.Mickenler,Coal,and Diamond walking inside the Mickenler house.

Sam:Uh who are they?

Mrs.Mickenler:These are aliens,Coal and Diamond.

Alex:There's no such thing as aliens.Who are these costumed freaks?

Coal and Diamond:We are not in costume.

(Will Be Finished Later)

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