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Crash Land
Season 1, Episode 0
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Sir Kitty Kat
Directed by Sir Kitty Kat
Episode guide
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Unknown TBA
Crash Land is the pilot episode of Mystery Gems It shows how the titular trio got to Earth.


A trio of gems crash near a city in the woods, but they weren't alone. Can they beat the threat that followed them?


A shiny meteor is seen going straight for Earth, within it are 4 gemstones: 2 Onyxs, an Emerlad and a Lemon Quartz (it's a real gem, google it)

The title card appears with the name and "Crash Land" at the bottom. On the surface of the meteor is a strange gem serpent, that hides inside it as the meteor crashes, and when it hits it's safe to leave and it heads through the woods and under a city.

The 4 gems take their physical forms when the meteor cracks in two.

LQ: Ugh... Who was the idiot who thought of hiding in a meteor that was going into the middle of nowhere???

Emerald: I don't know, but I think that "idiot" was you, Lemon.

LQ: Oh, yeah... I'll just be quiet for a while...

Onyx: Can you two help? I don't know how to use Emerald's scanner panel thing.

Emerald: How did you get that?

Onyx: You weren't looking and I never used it before, also, we are apparently in a planet called "Earth" in the Milky Way, distance from Gem Homeworld, 500,000+ light years.

LQ: That's pretty far, no way those guys will find us here!

Emerald: You said you'd be quiet...

The scene pans out to the nearby city, where a small earthquake is going on. 

Random Person #1: Why are we having an earthuake? We're a couple miles away from the closest tectonic plate, it's geologically impossible!

Random Person #2: You love being Mr. SmartyPants at the worst possible times, don't you?


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