Season 1, Episode 2
Written by: Dove's Song
Storyboarded by: Dove's Song
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"Cracked" is the 3rd episode of Dove Fandom


Steven cracks his gem in battle and the Gems try to find a way to fix him, with varying success.



(Gems warp back to the house)

Steven: Oww, Ahhh, Oww!!!!

(He falls on to the ground)

Everyone: STEVEN!!!

Aventurine: What happened?!

Garnet: Steven cracked his Gem!

Pearl: But he's half-human, he could die!!!

Aventurine: ...Steven?

Amethyst: Are you sure he'll be alright?

Garnet: Take him to the Fountain! NOW!


(Gems warp to Rose's Fountain)

Pearl: *Frantically* Where is the statue?!

Garnet: Pearl! Calm down, it's over there.

Peal: Oh, Oh, Oh Ok, take Steven there.

Amethyst and Aventurine: OK!!

(Pearl holds Garnet's hand as they all run to the statue)

Steven: Where are we?

Aventurine: Don't worry Steven.

(The fountain starts to flow and Aventuine pours some water on to his gem)

Aventurine: It's not working!

Pearl: What?! MY BABY!!!

Garnet: Steven! Lick your hand!

Steven: Why?

Garnet: Just do it!

(Steven licks his hand)

(Garnet takes his hand and rubs it onto his gem, his gem loses the cracks)

Steven: Woah! I feel GREAT!!!

Pearl: But how could the fountain not heal him?

Steven: Who cares I'm back!!!





  • Crystal Temple
  • Rose's Healing Spring


  • This is the first episode to show any hints of shipping, in this case, Pearlnet.
    • In this case, Pearl holds Garnet's hand for safety.

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