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Coral is one of the protaganist in "Gem Fantasies". She is also the newest member to join the team.

(NOTICE: This picture of Coral is the outdated one.)


Coral has a happy,yet serious attitude. She can be playful,and also beggy sometimes. She barely gets angry, although she sometimes flares up. In Meeting Agate, she is seen to be angry knowing she couldn't get what she wanted the first time.Coral is also curious at times. She also have serious and quiet times, as seen in "We Meet Again".



Coral has the same height, same skin tone, and same hair color. Instead of a pinkish color dress, she has on a white shirt, with a salmon colored plus sign on it. She has on a pink tutu, with black skinny jeans under it. She has on the same white boots. Instead of her hair in a ponytail, it is down. She has one gem now, on her left palm.


Coral is seem to be short.She has a hairstle similiar to Opal's,only the ponytail is shorter,and its a foggy dark pink color. She has salmon color skin. She is wearing a red dress,with a baby pink plus sign on it. She has white small boots. Her gem is found on her both palms,which are faceted and shaped simliar to Amethyst/steven's gem shape. She has two gems on both of her palms.



Kyanite and Coral are best friends. They are mostly seen together talking or playing games. Even though they are Best friends,they do get in sme arguements,but they are mostly small ones. They get along well, and is able to agree on the same thing.


Melanite and Coral are neutral. They abrely talk to each other though,but is able to communicate very well. Although, Melanite does take things seriously,causing Coral not to like that,due to her goofiness. But toher than that,they consider each other as friends.


Moonstone and Coral are good friends. Moonstone mostly teaches Coral aout the team,snce she is the newest team member. Coral though, does seems that Moonstone is just playing with her,which is why she barely listens. They both are able to agree on almost anything,and does ge along very well.


Coral does not know much about Tanzanite. All she knows is that her room is built inside's Kyanite's Room, and she is has something in common with him.


Coral doesn't seem to know alot about Aventurine. In "We Meet Again", she is called "girlfriend" by Aventurine.


She seems to get along good with her, as mentioned in New Buddy?, she says she met Isabella a while ago.

Coral 2.0

Coral 2.0 and Coral does not get along, in fact they're enemies. Coral actually created Coral 2.0's gem, only because it would help her summon her weapon, fuse, and shapeshift easier. Coral 2.0 also mentions that she wants to be the real Coral.


Just like any other gem, Coral has the ability to shapeshift. Her weapon is a spear, similiar to Pearl's. Coral can also copy her own gem to help do things easier, but in The True Art of Arts and Crafts, she doesn't need to do that anymore.


  • Coral has 2 gems. Yet, she isn't a fusion.
    • That 2nd gem was really a fake, and was only to help her do things easier.
  • Coral is the newest team member to join Gem Fantasies.
  • The Team found Coral at the Moon Eclipse Palace.
  • Coral is very confused with this group stuff, that she hasn't heard before


Credits go to Mr.Napcakes, for so kindly accepting my drawng request of Coral. ^-^


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