Steven and Connie are playing tag at the light house

Connie: *tags Steven* Your it!

Steven: *laughs* I'm coming to get you Connie!

the two are continuing to play tag but then a massive screech comes from the sky

???:  kkaaww kkaawww!!

Steven: What is that?!

Connie: I don't know!

a massive bird like creature descends from the sky

Connie: What is that thing Steven?!

Steven: It looks like that bird i saw at the sky spire.

Connie: Steven we need to get back to the temple, now!

the two begin to ran to the temple but the bird creature snatches Connie in his talons

Steven: *worried* Connie?!

Connie: Help me Steven!

Steven: Put her down you over grown bird!

Steven summons his shield and flings it at the bird beast which makes it drop Connie

Connie: Ahhhhh!!

Connie crashes on the ground and becomes knocked out as the bird flies away

Steven: *runs to Connie* Connie are you ok!?

Connie dose not respond

Steven: i'll take you back to the temple, maybe the gems can help!

Steven picks up Connie and begins to carry her to the beach house, he then lays Connie on the couch

Steven: i'm so sorry this happened to you.

Steven notices something on her neck

Steven: i'll see if i can get the... whats that?

Gently, Steven moves her hair to the side were he see's what looks like a gem

Steven: Is that... a Gem?!

Steven backs up in shock

Steven: It cant be, Connie isn't a gem, maybe garnet might know.

Steven runs to the temple door but when garnet comes out they crash into each other

Garnet: Are you ok, Steven?

Steven: I'm fine but i need you to check something out!

Garnet: What is it?

Steven: I think Connie is a gem!

Garnet: *giggles* Sure she is.

Steven: No i'm serious, i think she may actually be a gem.

Garnet: Ok Steven i'll go check if it will help.

They walk over to Connie's body

Steven: The gem is on her neck.

Garnet moves her hair and check to see if Connie was in fact a gem, when she finds out her glasses fall off

Steven: Did you find out if she is a gem or not?

Garnet: Yes.

Steven: What did you find out?

garnet: Steven, your friend is a gem.

Steven is speechless when he hears this, meanwhile Connie begins to slowly sit up

Connie: What happened?

Steven: A giant bird attacked.

Connie: Oh, i remember now.

Steven: So what now Connie?

Connie: Want to go play more tag?

Steven: Sure i'll meet you up there.

Connie walks out of the beach house

Garnet: Steven, i know you want to know more about this but it is really important that you don't ask about his to her.

Steven: But why would she hide this from me, after all i'm a gem to.

Garnet: It could be possible she is a spy for Home world.

Steven: Ok then.

Steven walks up to the light house

Connie: Anyway, your it!

Connie runs around but Steven doesn't run as much as he did

Connie: Whats wrong?

Steven: Nothing.

Connie: I can see there is something on your mind.

Steven: I was told not to ask.

Connie: Please Steven, for me.

Steven hesitates a bit

Steven: Ok i'll ask you.

Steven takes a deep breath

Steven: Are you a gem?

Connie: *blushes* Why would you ask that?

Steven: When you were knocked, out Garnet and I noticed a Gem on the back of your neck.

Connie is speechless for a bit

Connie: It's true, i am a gem.

Steven: But what about your parents?!

Connie: They are not my birth parents, but they took me in when I was a new born gem.

Steven: Why have you hid this from me?

Connie was about to speak but then a giant screech is heard again

Bird beast: kkaawww kkaawww

The bird descends from the sky flying towards Connie

Steven: That thing got bigger, what should we do!?

Connie: I got this one!

Connie draws a bow from her gem and aims it at the bird beast

Connie: Good night, my aviary friend.

Connie fires the bow and hits the bird beast directly killing it in the air

Steven: That was amazing.

Connie: Thanks Steven *blushes*.

Steven: But why did you hide this?

Connie: I thought people wouldn't understand if i told them.

Steven: But i'm a gem to, you could have told me.

Connie: I'm sorry Steven but i had to keep it a secret.

Steven: But know that we will still accept you Connie, you don't need to hide it anymore.

Connie hugs Steven

Connie: Thank you Steven.

Steven: Lets head back to the temple, i heard Garnet is making Steven cookies!

Connie: I can't wait to try one!

They walk back to the temple

(the end)

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