Coming Out (Series Premiere Part 2)
Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date July 6th, 2015
Written by JinxBinx LunaSapphire SapphireTheCrystalGem Boygemgirlgem NeonClovers
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"Coming Out" is part two of series premiere of Lost Gems.


When Kionite lands on Earth, she searches for regenerating gems.



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Episode 2 of Lost Gems: Coming Out

Kinoite looked at the gems floating in the air. They seemed to be hesitating to come out of their gemstone.

Kinoite: What are they they not want to regenerate?

Kinoite looked at the gems floating in the air. They seemed to be hesitating to come out of their gemstone.

Kinoite: What are they they not want to regenerate?

One teal gem glows brighter as a form begins to shape. A male gem with a headdress, kilt, and sandals kneels on the ground panting.

Teal gem: Díos Mio. Que Pasò?

Kinoite: I do not understand your gibberish.

Teal gem: Oh sorry. I'm used to speaking Spanish.

Kinoite: What is your name?

Teal gem: I do not know. But I think it was something about Opals and Peru.

Another gem starts glowing. This one Rainbow, and a female gem falling to the ground.

Two Gems begin to glow, one a deep blue, and the other a pink.

The pink gem glows, before revealing a tall, pink gem, with deep red shorts, a slightly torn red shirt, and her deep pink hair in a ponytail.

The Blue gem glows, and a tall, slim gem lands, she has long blue hair, a dark indigo Jacket and jeans, and she has a hood pulled over her face, shading her eyes from view.

Another gem then starts to glow, this one a Silverish grey.

Two other gems begin to glow. One having a deep brown and black glow, and the other having a pale misty purple glow . The deep brown and black colored gem begins to take a humanoid form. He then reveals himself to have a coffee brown...shirt and black cargos. He has medium length brown, ruffled hair, with bangs that covered his eyes. He had on black sneakers. The purple colored gem began to take form, revealing herself to be a fairly tall, light purple gem. She had thistle skin color, long, and wavy lavendar colored hair. She has on a grayish blue, long sleeved turtleneck halter top shirt, a lavendar and black striped mini skirt, with white tights under it, and  grayish purple flats.

Kinoite backs up, and stares at the confused group of gems.

Kinoite: Hello, fellow gems. I am Kinoite. Please state your names.

Kinoite used a scanner on the gems, but they didn't seem to have an identity.

Teal Gem: Opal Peru? Or something like that; I don't know honestly. Wait! I think it was! Peruvian Opal! Si, that's it!

Pink gem, blinks and looks around, looking at the blue gem.

Pink Gem: Iolite! A-Are you okay!?

The Rainbow gem looks around, thinking, while the Grey gem is just trying to look at herself.

Kinoite tries to get the scanner to work, thinking it's broken.

The Blue Gem looks at the Pink gem

Blue Gem: Kunzite! I was so worried about you!

Iolite and Kunzite hug each other, before Kunzite looks around.

Kunzite: What Happened here?

Rainbow Gem: Silver, you do know that won't work...right?

Kinoite: Do any of you know anything about  a Homeworld?

A mirror appears out of Silver's hand, and she starts to look at it, probably admiring herself.

The brownish blackish gem and the purple colored gem looked around. The brown gem smiled and ruffled his hair before speaking.

Cassiterite: I'm Cassiterite! I go by Cassi for short.

The purple colored gem dusted herself off, and looked around.

Chalcedony: I'm Chalcedony!

Peruvian Opal: Foggy......mind......... But I do remember a mention of a Homeworld, si.

A loud rumbling is heard, coming from up the mountain where the gem monster's gem was. Kinoite looked up, and it looked as if an avalanche was about to crush them all.

Kinoite: We should move elsewhere.

Iolite: I remember...Other gems...

Rainbow Gem: What was that?! And I am Crystal Quartz by the way....

Kunzite: Ugh, what now!?

The pieces from the mountain broke down as they flew to the ground. Giant pieces of ice landed on the ground, around them.

Kinoite: Follow me!

Kinoite ran to her ship, but stopped. Silver is just looking at herself, not listening to anybody, as Crystal Quartz motions her forward. The gemstone from the gem monster landed on Silver's head, then rolled onto the ground. Peruvian Opal ran to the ship as he looked up at the avalanche, Crystal Quartz quietly following behind. Kunzite comes up to Sliver, and bonks her in the head.

Kunzite: C'mon Sliver! We don't have time to lose on your appearance.

Silver: But my appearance is everything to me!

Kunzite facepalms, and grabs her, taking her with the other gems.

Kunzite : Uggh.

Kinoite ran into the ship as it opened. Kinoite redirected wind coming from the avalanche to behind the other gems, making them blow towards the ship.

Kinoite: In here.

Peruvian Opal ran into the ship. Crystal Quartz slowly follows behind. Iolite grabs Kunzite's hand, and pulls her into the ship with Kunzite still carrying Sliver. Chalcedony dragged Cassi, and followed along. Out of nowhere Peru is holding a aztec shield.

Peruvian Opal: I found a bamboo stash. I couldn't help myself.

The door closed, and the escalator folded back. Kinoite walked to the control room.  She used a holographic image creator to talk to them while she was in the control room.

Kinoite: Do any of you remember anything about yourselves?

Peruvian Opal: The only thing I remember is Peru and Homeworld. Something about hollowing and invasion is in there too.

Iolite: I just remember HomeWorld and Kunzite..

Kunzite: Yeah, it's about the same for me too.

Chalcedony: I..honestly can't remember anything.

Cassi: All i can remember is Homeworld.

Silver: All I remember is Crystal Quartz!

Kinoite thought silently to herself. She isn't on Homeworld anymore. Although it's her home, they never did anything for her there. The only thing they would do to these gems is make them work. Instead of continuing to think about Homeworld, she landed the ship in a field full of flowers. Kionite looked down. She then decided she wouldn't take the gems back to Homeworld. She opened the door, and the escalator extended. She walked out of the control room, and out of the ship. She grabbed her gem communication device, and threw it down. She summoned her sledgehammer, and quickly smashed it to pieces.

Peruvian Opal: Where are we?

Silver: This is beautiful! Almost more beautiful than me!

Kunzite rolls her eyes.

Kinoite: We are staying here for a bit.

Crystal Quartz: I think we're going to like it here.

Kinoite looked down, wondering if she did the right thing.


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