You're dead to me.

—"The Test"


Citrine is a main protagonist in The Last Of Us.


Citrine can come across as emotionless. She is rather taciturn and speaks only in brief statements. When Citrine does speak, she tends to speak in the third person. She occasionally speaks without contractions, and misuses idioms (e.g. "Up shut." as opposed to "Shut up." or "It will be fun." instead of "It'll be fun."). She's often the most stoic member of the Crystal Gems. She rarely gets upset or angry.


Stella bloomix wings by winx1243-d77ih3u


Citrine possesses standard Gem abilities and traits. All of Citrine's abilities are tied to her emotional state, and generally can only be triggered when a specific emotion is focused on. The full extent of her physical strength is unknown, but it is used by feeling boundless confidence. Citrine is shown to be knowledgeable in astronomy; she was able to name constellations in "Road Trip" by memory. In "Road Trip," it is revealed that she's developed good camping skills because she got lost in the woods a lot.

Unique Abilities

  • FLT Flight: By feeling unbridled joy, Citrine can summon her wings and achieve flight under her own willpower. Her superhuman strength is not diminished when airborne.
  • Ultraviolet Energy Projection: Citrine can project bright yellow-colored energy from her hands, activated by righteous fury.
    • Laser-Eye Beams: Citrine has the highly useful ability to emit beams of her bright yellow energy from her eyes.



The two are polar opposites. Citrine dislikes Ivory due to the fact that Ivory believes herself to be better than Citrine in everything. Citrine and Ivory have no relationship besides being teammates.


Jet and Citrine have the most complex relationship from all the Crystal Gems. This is likely because the two of them have always been fairly close and comfortable around each other. Jet makes Citrine smile more than anyone else in the series. They appear to get along well and have a good friendship. In "Jade," however, her relationship with Jet sours after Jet loses his cool and attacks Ivory and Citrine.


Mage respects Citrine as a responsible motherly figure.


Citrine has long, golden-blonde hair, golden-brown eyes and a medium skin tone. Her hair is tied into a pony-tail.

Citrine's attire is warrior-like, with pieces of translucent cloth attached to it. Her high-heels are conjoined to her leggings. She wears a tiara, featuring a blue jewel.


Image Description Appearance(s)
Citrine wears a light pink collared-shirt with black buttons on the cuffs and ruffles down her chest and across her neck with a black bow, under a pink long-sleeved jacket with grey trimming and a greyish-purple ruffle skirt with grey hearts on it and decorated with a dark grey belt with a pink square buckle. She also wears pink tights with grey heels that are decorated with light pink bows on the tips. Her hair is down with curled pieces in front of her ears and her bangs are down, but the sides are pulled in her grey headband with light grey plaid designs. "Road Trip"


  • Citrine destroyed Mage's phone for unknown reasons.
  • It has been shown that Citrine's voice is rather monotone, even when she is excited.
  • Citrine is the only character to have worn the most outfits in the show.
    • This contrasts the typical cartoon character that wears the same outfit every episode.
  • Citrine desists dairy foods, as alleged by Jet.
  • "Lion Takes a Bath" is the first episode in which Citrine does not make an appearance.
  • In "Hiddenite", Citrine describes the battle(s) at the Ancient Sky Arena as a maelstrom of death and destruction, saying that countless Gems were broken, meaning she took part in (or at least witnessed) the event.
  • Citrine knows how to drive, as shown in "Road Trip."
  • She is Mage's liege.
    • A "liege" is a feudal superior or sovereign, implying she is looked upon as a leader.
  • When Citrine uses her superpowers, her eyes glow bright-yellow and her hands glow with a yellowish aura around them.


Gemstone Information
  • Citrine is a yellow to golden-orange variety of gemstone-quality macrocrystalline quartz (silicon dioxide).
  • Citrine is often used as a birthstone of November, and it is the official 13th wedding anniversary gemstone. It is also considered the official stone of Virgo.
  • Citrine, like all quartz, is considered to be very durable.
  • Natural untreated citrine is typically pale yellow to golden in color and is often accompanied by smoky brownish tones.


Image Description
Citrine's gemstone is located in the center of her back. It represents a cabochon, a gem that has not been faceted but has been polished.

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