Citrine is a Gem in KittyGent1236's fandom. 


He is one of Rose Qaurtz's close friends who thought in the Gem War. When war was getting bad, Rose told a lot of the Gems to take cover, or hide somewhere else. They were never found the by the Crystal Gems, but still thought for Earth. Citrine was one of them. He was found by Steven in the Strawberry Fields near the east. He later met the Gems again, and keeps close contact with them.


He has white skin, and wears gold armor. He has the appearance of a guard.


Citrine is a kind gem, and will always be there for his friends. He's a friend with all of the gems, and gets along with them quite nicely. He does get jealous sometimes, though. He's quiet a lot, unless he's around close friends or family.


He is a strong gem, with a talent of being a great guard. His weapon is a staff which comes in handy when Gem Monsters are in the way.

I also can fuses with Amethyst to create Ametrine.


Coming Soon!

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