Cinabre is the gem of the fire,she can summon fire balls and fly when she is angry, she is a anti-social gem and she lives alone in a forest.


she is very adorable and cute sometimes but she can be very angry if you do not respect her or try to fight with her, she is a bit crazy but she is a good people.


Fire Balls

Gem Shield



She love the humans because humans are very interesting and funny for her, and she likes Greg.


she was very young when one mysterious gem throw her in the earth for save her life (before the War) and she do not know who is that gem.


she have a very long scarlet hair, a little curly and she gem is on the forehead and she weapon is a magic circlet, she have a very big and nice dress and black shoes.


(Created By: Yago Magalhães Fontes)

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