• Gem


Gender Pronoun



Light Blue

Hair Color

Dark Turquoise

Eye Color


Professional Status



The Blue Gems

Personal Status




  • Turquoise
  • Blue Zircon
  • Indicolite
  • Ceylon Sapphire
First Appearance

Start of the Blues (BPF)

Voice Actor


Chrysocolla is a gem created by SCI.


Chrysocolla has a circular gem on the upper part of her chest (almost near her neck). She wears a strapless turquoise top (the same color as her hair) with a decorative music note on it. She wears a white skirt on her legs.


She is generally vocal. She does not let anyone change her opinion, even if she doesn't like to say it (which is rare, because she has high confidence in expressing). Chrysocolla is all about communication. Anyone who is feeling down, she talks with them to let it out while giving them certain teachings to help. Although, Chrysocolla is generally weak-hearted and vulnerable. She will stand for who she likes.



  • Knife Proficiency: Chrysocolla wields a small knife. Like her, the knife is generally weak. With power, it can be modified with her audiokinesis. But she usually has hard times controlling it, because it knocks out of her hand so easily. The knife has some aspects about it, but not very much. Her knife can "send" a slice she makes if she misses (much like Anhydrite, Satin Spar and Calcite's fusion), and it is very durable. Plus, it moves very fast when it is thrown. It can send waves of gem magic and sound to make her opponent hallucinate.
    • Sound Blasts: Chrysocolla can send blasts of sound from her knife to shoot whoever she would like. She can create hallucination for the opponent by sending gem magic and sound to them. It doesn't work well on some gems.
    • Sound Slice: Chrysocolla can shoot a slicing attack with her knife (which is essentially useful if she misses). It moves to anything by the power of sound.

Unique Abilities

  • Audiokinesis: Chrysocolla can manipulate with the power of sound.
  • Scatter Shot: Chrysocolla uses her audiokinesis to scatter a shot of sound. It splits into fragmnts.
  • Sound Bullets: She can fire in short sequence over a wide area.
  • Sonic Scream: Sound projected by Chrysocolla orally.
  • Hidden Attacks: Channel attacks through a medium of sound.
  • Hydrokinesis: A weak power to manipulate the movement of water. Chrysocolla's weakness in this ability is similar to Selenite's, but weaker.
  • Muting: Chrysocolla has the ability to mute anyone she wants to mute.


  • Chrysocolla can play any instrument. Sometimes, she uses it as her weapon.
  • Both Selenite and Chrysocolla have weak hydrokinesis.
    • This is because both also can dissolve in water in real life.

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