Checking In
Season 1, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date May 4, 2015
Written by Darktriggerhappy
Directed by Darktriggerhappy
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Checking In is the fourth episode of the first season in Outcasted to Earth.


Jet goes to investigate the Golden Luxury Hotel.


Jet sighed and walked through the reolving doors into a well-furnished, crowded lobby. He managed to make his way to the front desk where the manager was typing on a computer. Jet noticed a bell, and started to ring it, much to the manager's irritation. He then looked up at Jet and stopped typing.

Manager: Yes, sir, can I help you?

Jet: Yeah. I'm looking for someone that came here recently after that weird thing appeared in the coean. The person kind of has something like this somewhere on their body.

Manager: Let me check. I know that she's been here, but I forgot wich room.

Jet looked at the manager, confused. He wasn't sure who this "she" was, but he had his theories. The manager then went back to typing, then turning back to Jet.

Manager: She went into room 509. Fifth floor, if you're wondering. The room's number is going to be on the right of the door. You can't miss it.

Jet: Thanks, dude.

Jet rushed over to the elevator and started to press the "five" button over and over. When the elevator closed, thoguhts started rushing through his head. Who was this person? Did he know her? He didn't have time to answer them, though, as the elevator opened to the fifth floor's hallway. He started walking through it, searching for 509. When he found it, he stood next to the side of it, summoned his sickle just in case, and proceeded to knock. When the door opened, a woman wearing clothes like his appeared. he was about to strike, but she automatically stopped him.

???: Whoa! Jet whoa! Whoa Jet, whoa! Jet, whoa!

Jet looked at her with a combination of happiness and confusion, putting his sickle away.

Jet: Amber? Is that you?

Amber: Last time I checked, ya big dork!

The two laughed and hugged each other, but immediately let go once they realized what they were doing. Amber was blushing, while Jet had a nervous expression on his face.

Amber: did you know I was here?

Jet: You were kind of on the news.

Amber: Oh...wait. if you're here, doesn't that mean-

Jet: Yup. Monkey Boy's here, too. But we're crashing at a human's place for a while.

Amber: Let's go see him!

Jet and Amber used the elevator and starte to walk out of the building, nervously holding hands with each other.





  • Hotel manager


  • Goldenrod Island
    • Golden Luxury Hotel

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