Charoite is a character in the Legend of Sapphire.


Charoite is taller then Onyx, but he is shorter than Garnet with purple skin, and short black hair and black eyes with dark purple pupils. He wears a black top hat with a long purple feather on it with a crimson sash around it. He also wears a necklace with two large teeth from what appears to be crocodile teeth. He wears a dark purple undertaker tail coat, black pants, and black dress shoes as well as a black shirt under his tail coat with a red sash around it. The most noticable feature he has his skull makeup on his face making his head appear to be the top half of a skull with sharp teeth. His gem is located at his neck in the shape of a skull


Charoite is known to be extremely charming, but also extremely manipulative with his words. Most of the time, he uses his words to trick others into doing his bidding as well as using them to get him into trouble sometimes. His charm also makes it easy to trick others which makes him even more valuable to have as an ally. He is also extremely clever, and thinks things through very thorough before he makes a move, but sometimes his words are a bit impulsive. Although he seems very charming on the outside, he is black hearted and will even kill people he cares for just to reach his goals, or at least that is what people think.


  • Control darkness and shadows
  • Master of dark magic
  • Skilled in voodoo magic
  • Transformational spells
  • Control weather with his magic
  • Create things out of shadows
  • Can read minds
  • Can curse others
  • Can create nightmares and illusions
  • Uses magical dust for spells


Magic Cane

Charoite is already is extremely difficult to defeat with his magic, but with his cane in hand his magic is more powerful then ever making him literally impossible to beat in battle. It is a long black cane with a purple orb as its handle which he can use to see others from far distances like a crystal ball. It amplifies his magic so when he casts a spell, it blasts way more powerful then it would be without his staff, but ironiclly he only uses his staff in battle to make it more challenging for him since he is so good at voodoo without it.

Voodoo Dolls

Sometimes, classic voodoo for Charoite is his best weapons like voodoo dolls. Charoite can craft small dolls that look like his victums that he uses on them. With small needles and the doll, he can cause severe pain, and agony to his victims or even kill them if he puts it though the heart of the doll.


Dragon Opal

He is her most loyal of her minions and because of that, he is trusted with some of her most important missions. He is known to follow her orders no matter what it will cost him but when he falls in love with the gem, Peridot, he begins to have second thoughts about staying loyal to Dragon Opal.


At first, they hated each other. Mainly because Peridot is based on technology, and Charoite is based on magic. But, when they have a personal moment together, they begin to have some feelings for each other. Due to that moment, he will even disobey Dragon Opal's orders if it involves hurting her.


Juju is a small shunken head that Charoite carries with him. He often offers advice to Charoite in certain situations, but sometimes he can be annoying to Charoite. Either way, Charoite does like having Juju around, even if he just wants to stitch his mouth up sometimes.


  • Charoite is based on the Disney villian Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog.
  • Charoite is a gem form of a bokor.
    • A bokor in traditional voodoo is a form of sorcerer or magician that can use both light and dark voodoo magic.
  • Charoite and Peridot start off as rivals, but turn into lovers in the episode, Hex of Love.
  • He teaches Peridot how to use voodoo magic in the Legend of Sapphire series.

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