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Dawn Dusk Gem


Dawn Dusk Gems

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Rise Island

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On the Rise

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Hayley Williams

Chalcedony is a fusion gem between Apatite and Rhodochrosite, and is a character in Dawn Dusk Gems
Chalcedony Gem (Apatite)

Chalcedony's head gem (Apatite)

Chalcedony Gem (Rhodo)

Chalcedony's chest gem (Rhodochrosite)


Chalcedony has thistle-colored skin and short hair that fades from a dull blue-grey to a slightly brighter amethyst-color. Her gems are located on the right side of her head and the top of her chest. She has a unique violet crop-top (that also has a hood) with a sweater-like fringes at the bottom and a cerise-colored cross that represents that she's part of the Dawn Dusk Gems. Her crop-top's sleeves are made of clouds, fading from a very light blue to a very light pink. The transparent cloth the acts as her sleeves are lavender. The same transparent cloth is on her 4 wrists. Her skirt consists of three colors (going from up to down); violet, powder blue, and salmon pink. Her somewhat short pants is a raspberry color. Her ballet slippers are periwinkle.


She has the smarts and fun-loving attributes of Apatite and Rhodochrosite. She's very confident, but that sometimes gets out of hand if she's too cocky. She cares about her loved ones and even defenseless creatures. Though, at times, she may forget the objective of the current mission while showing off her abilites.


She has both the abilites of Apatite and Rhodo, that being Apatite's manipulation over clouds and Rhodo's manipulation over balance and stress. She's able to heal, but since Apatite's gem is cracked, she's unable to do so. She also has the ability to control movement by very little. She could manipulate her opponent's movements slightly (and by slightly, she moves them by several centimeters or so) to gain the upper hand. However, if she tries to move them farther than her limitations, she'll injure herself.

Her trident is able to shoot out energy blasts from its tips. If she throws it successfully at an enemy, the trident will burst, turning into white dust particles.

She's a great dancer, as referenced by the ballet shoes. She can dodge moves fairly quickly with the help of her elegant movements.



Chalcedony cares about Jace, as shown when she saves him from falling in On the Rise.


  • Her hairstyle is made to resemble Korra's from Avatar: The Legend of Korra.
  • This tune plays when Apatite and Rhodo are fusing (Chalcedony's Theme): 
    Chalcedony Synchronize


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