Ceylon Sapphire
  • Gem


Gender Pronoun



Light blue

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status



The Blue Gems

Personal Status




  • Indicolite
  • Turquoise
  • Chrysocolla
  • Blue Zircon
First Appearance

Start of the Blues (BPF)

Voice Actor


Ceylon Sapphire is a gem created by SCI.


Ceylon Sapphire has a square gem on the surface of his right hand, faceted with a square. He has messed up bangs with many points standing out on purpose. Ceylon wears a sapphire-colored tuxedo suit with a light blue tie, and some typical shoes (not Jordans). Even though Gems don't need glasses, Ceylon Sapphire wears a pair that is square framed.


Ceylon Sapphire is grumpy and careful. He is usually angry at people for the littlest of reasons. Ceylon is always conservative and watches people with a Lookout's eye watchful eye. Most of the time, he'll make very off underestimations of people and assumptions, so he's not the most sensible person.



  • Tonfa Proficiency: Ceylon Sapphire's tonfas are usually used for tanking. Because he's so defensive, his tonfas will not hit that hard (but hell, it's stronger than what a human can do). The best offense he can do is if he can deflect an attack successfully, it is going to be a powerful offense.
    • Deflection: When in a defensive position, Ceylon will summon a blue barrier that emerges from his tonfas. It will deflect attacks against the opponent.
    • Weapon Size Augmentation: The size of CS' tonfas can increase in size. This will also boost his offense.

Unique Abilities

  • Telepathy: Ceylon Sapphire can read other people's minds. This is especially useful in combat, but can be ineffective with a Psychic Shield.
  • Tychokinesis: Ceylon Sapphire can manipulate the probability of events. It will vary in how major the outcome will be, except it's still relatively weak. It won't help as much because it's still in HIS favor, but it's not strong.
  • Consciousness Seperation: His conscious and physical form will separate when needed. Ceylon's conscious can't be directly attacked, and it is more powerful in offense than his physical form.
  • Consciousness Transferal: Through direct contact, Ceylon Sapphire will transfer his conscious into a different body.
  • Defense Mode: Ceylon Sapphire will significantly more defensive, going up to 75% better. Once it does, it'll stop. This lasts for approximately five minutes.


  • Ceylon Sapphire's original weapon was a sai.
  • Ironically, sapphires in crystal healing represent strength, wise judgements, and kindness. Ceylon Sapphire is not either of those, however, he does have good protection and luck (which is something sapphires also represent).
  • Ceylon Sapphire is the second character to represent me, Blue Zircon being the first.

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