Hi! this is where I will put my fanfiction! Special thanks to Paroo for inspiring me to do this series. Good day!

Heh, it's sure been awhile... welp, this series is being terminated. after being gone for about... several months, much new Canon info has been revealed, and my Gemsonas have also undergone some changes. I'm just not going to go through with this, anymore... BUT, if you REALLY want me to keep it up, I guess I will... later, dudes, and have a good day.

(Does anyone know how to delete pages?)

Episode List

Season One

  1. Pearl's Date: Mayor Dewey takes Pearl on a date.
  2. Regeneration: Amethyst has to regenerate after a fight.
  3. Outside the Warp Stream: Steven uses the Warp Pad, but he gets more than he bargained for.
  4. Hurray for Cinnamon: Aqua is introduced to cinnamon rolls.
  5. Transference: The gems find Peridot (Canon).

The rest is still being developed. Good day!

Fanon Characters

Aquamarine (CF)


Cinnamon Song

My Own Choices

The Original Crystal Gems

Check out my other series, The Original Crystal Gems here!

Mystery Fandom

Check out my friend's series, Mystery Fandom, here!


  • Any of my fanon characters that have two gems are NOT fusions (unless stated otherwise).
    • This is due to these characters being created before "Jail Break".

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