This is the eighteenth episode of my series, The Rebellion, and the sixth episode of season 2.


The Gems are captured by The Diamonds and their army, but that won't stop them.


[Episode enters with Turquoise sitting in a cell. The walls are silver with green plasma bars. Across the hall he can see Topaz and Steven just sitting there, bored. He assumes that next to his cell are Ortho and Jade.]

Turquoise: I'm sorry, guys, its all my fault.

Topaz: Its okay...

Turquoise: No its not! We're gonna die!

Steven: Not if we escape!

Turquoise: How do we do that?

Topaz: Like this! [Suddenly, his body is charged with electricity. He touches the plasma bars and they start to wiggle, then more intensely, then all the plasma bars dissapear in a cloud of black smoke. And then the lights go out, them the ship tilts and starts falling.]

Turquoise: I guess it kinda worked.

[The Gems quickly get out of their cells, and Turquoise realizes Ortho isn't there. Theyattempt to navigate through the huge ship, but its way too big.]

Topaz: This place is huge! We'll never escape in time!

[They continue looking a bit and find the control room. The Diamonds are panicing as all the screens go black. The rest of the army are sitting in chairs in the side of the room.]

Azurite: I can't beleive that wimp beat me, I'll teach him a lesson!

[They see Ortho sitting hopelessly in a chair next to Blue Diamond.]

Ortho: LET ME GO!

Blue Diamond: Ha! Why are you saying "let me go"? We clearly won't.

[Suddenly, the ship turns upside down and everyone falls over, and the Diamonds notice the Gems.]

Yellow Diamond: [sarcastically] GREAT! THIS JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER!

Azurite: I got this! [stands up and summons his spiked gauntlet. Suddenly, the spikes eject from the gauntlet like rockets.]

Turquoise: Yikes! [Ducks, avoiding the spikes, along with everyone else.]

Topaz: Take this! [He puts out his hand, which is surging with electricity, and a ton of lightning bolts hurdle towards Azurite, who dodges them, and the bolts hit the computer, completely obliterating it.]

White Diamond: No!

[Suddenly, the ship explodes, ending the episode.] (CLIFFHANGER!)

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