Season 2, Episode 5
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Air date When you're reading this.
Written by Emercrump
Directed by Emercrump
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"Ucarva" "A Whole New World"
"Captivity" is the fifth episode of the second season in the series Steven Universe.


Diamond wakes up in a room bound and gagged by unknown Gems.

Extended Plot

(Opens to scene of darkness)

Diamond (thought): Ugh. Where am I? Why do I feel so woozy? Am I blindfolded? (You can hear shuffling)

Diamond (thought): I can't move my arms! (You can hear a click)

Diamond (thought): Ow! What hit my leg? I feel woozy again. And sleepy. (You can see a mix of dark colors)

???: Diamond is asleep. Our mission is going successful.

Diamond (thought): No! I gotta move! (You can hear a lot of movement)

Diamond (thought): MMMMMMOVE! (It then shows a first person view of Diamond. Three dark gems are watching him)

???: Diamond is resisting. Give him a triple dose. (A gem gives Diamond a shot)

Diamond (thought): I gotta go Crystalline! (Diamond shuffles around)

Diamond (thought): My powers aren't working! Ugh... (The room fades to dark. It then shows Diamond's view, strapped to a table)

???: Now you listen, and you listen good. (??? Grabs Diamond)

???: Did you and your group of friends try to conquor Emporer Uvatrine? (Lights appear, showing Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Steven, and Tourmaline strapped to tables)

Diamond: I dunno! The last thing I remember was walking on the beach with the gems.

Garnet: You must've gotten amnesia after the debris hit you. Let me explain. (Things happen as she says them)

Garnet (narrating): It was a normal day. We were walking on the beach. Meanwhile, an evil spirit corrupted an Earth Guardian, a spirit that keeps our world fresh and beautiful, which made it turn the world into an unlivable habitat. It creates evil, corrupted gems, which are the ones tied up here. We attacked the Guardians palace, but it was a decoy. It blew up, and knocked us unconcious, and you got amnesia. And now these corrupted gems have tied us up, and blocked our powers in this warehouse.

Diamond: That's sick!

???: And now that you've committed to your crime, it's time to end you! (They pull a lever, and a hatch opens up, revealing a black hole. They start to be sucked into the hole)

???: It's your end now.

Diamond: Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooo! (Diamond breaks free of the ropes, and grabs one of the gems. He throws him into the hole. Diamond then kicks and punches the other gems, and throw them into the hole. Diamond then closes the hatch)

Diamond: We gotta get home! (They grab jetpacks, and Steven puts on a space suit. They fly back to Earth which now takes an appearance as a schorched planet)

Diamond: Here we go. (Episode ends, showing a TBA card)

Diamond (narrating): Next time on Steven Universe... (Shows Diamond fighting guards)

Diamond (thought): This guy is strong! (Shows Garnet getting hit with meteors)

Steven: Garnet! (Shows Steven holding Garnet's gems)

Diamond: It'll be okay Steven. (Shows Pearl spearing a guard, but then getting hit by blue fire. Shows Steven holding Pearl's gem. It then shows Steven and Diamond holding everyone's gems)

Diamond: We're the only ones left. (Screen fades to black)

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