The New Crystal Gems are in the great Beach City, hometown of the greatest Crystal Gem, half human and half gem, Steven Universe! Steven doesn't know, but one day he will discover that they're the new Crystal Gems that will save the world.

The Hero's Town
Season 1, Episode 1
The Hero's Town
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Written by: F.FazBearTheSingerBear
Storyboarded by: F.FazBearTheSingerBear
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An explosion has occured, when Lazulite and Bismuth, the New Generation of the Crystal Gems,crashed on earth. They've crashed near of Beach City, and luckily for them, no one in the city has heard the explosion and their arrival. They didn't worry about the explosion, the mess or anything. The only thing that they were worried, it's the protection of the human being. The old Crystal Gems has leaved their mission to the new Crystal Gems.

Lazulite: There's no time to waste! We need to find the old Crystal Temple to get prepared and ready to protect the human being.

Bismuth: But how?! We're in the middle of nowhere, and the only thing around it's this little city! The Crystal Temple could be anywhere in earth!

This situation was really complicated to them. How would they find the Crystal Temple, if there's only a little city near them. So they decided to explore it.

Even in the middle of the night, the Crystal Gems were curious about this new place. What is all those little houses with letters on them? And what is all those machines that has circles as their foot? The planet earth was something too different to them.

Inside Steven's house...

Steven: I wish I could see you guys again...' Since you guys have gone, many things here were so boring and tedious. Sniff...

Suddenly, someone knocks the door. Steven got scared, because, who could be, at this time of the night? The only things that can be seen are two shadows. One of them looks too much like Amethyst. Steven starts crying tears of happiness.

Steven: Amethyst! I...

Steven got faced with two strange people, and at the same Steven realizes that they are gems too. The Crystal Gems try to talk to them, but Steven did not know any other Gem, beyond the old Crystal Gems. Steven, summoning his shield to protect himself, felt threatened. Those Gems could be very dangerous and a risk to the human being.

Steven: Get out from me! I don't know how I summoned my shield, but get don't close to me!

Lazulite: Hey! Hey! Slow down, kid!

Bismuth: Calm down, Laz. You need to be gentle and kindle with them. There's some humans that are too innocent and sensitive. Like Pearl said to us.

Steven: Pearl? You know Pearl?

Lazulite: Yeah, we are the New Crystal Gems! And we are looking for Steven, Steven Quartz Universe. Have you seen him?

Steven: That's me!

Bismuth: You're Steven?! We're sooo sorry appearing this way in your home!

Steven: What...?

Bismuth: Should we tell him?

Lazulite: We MUST! Steven!

Steven: What? What's happening?

Lazulite: Steven, we are, actually, the new Crystal Gems that Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl send to protect the earth and you. You'll need to understand that we will be your new family.

Bismuth: Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl love you. And we'll be protectors of you. And also, we promised that for them.

Steven: So I don't need to worry about them?

Lazulite: You just need to think how much they love you. They're powerful and strong for you, Steven. But for them, your emotions are the strongest and most powerful things that you could have.

Steven: Yeah. I think so! But, wait! If you guys gonna stay, where do you gonna sleep?

Bismuth: We're gonna stay in the Crystal Palace! Hey! Do you wanna see something cool?

Bismuth and Lazulite got close to the Crystal Palace's door and they activated their gems. The whole door started to glow really hard. When it stopped, the star on the door changed it colors. Two of them are from Lazulite and Bismuth. But from who, are the other three ones? Bismuth looked at the other three gems on the door and her eyes started glow. She was watering.

Bismuth: Oh, no. No! No...

Lazulite: Bis, it's alright. They'll find a way to get here.

Steven: What happened?

Lazulite: It's nothing. We're just scared about all the things that's happening here. Everything is happening so fast, since we come here.

Steven: Oh. Oh, it's ok! Make yourselfes comfortable, in the great Steven Universe's house!

Lazulite and Bismuth held their hands and both them thought "From here on out, things are gonna be really different".

The End! Thank you for the attention^U^!


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