The Gem beast
Season 1, Episode 1
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Written by: F.FazBearTheSingerBear
Storyboarded by: F.FazBearTheSingerBear
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Episode 1: The Hero's town
Episode 3: Another one
Steven realized that it's gonna be rainy for many days in Beach City, and what it's good for rainy days? Night horror stories! But, for Lazulite, Steven's story it's too much scary and hard for him. Lazulite gets too much nervous about it, and he need to escape and keep his dark secret with him!


Steven: Cause once you're mine! Once you're mine...There's no goin...Oh! What's that?

(Sounds of drizzle) Shhh...

Steven: It's that rain? Oh. Oh, no! My clothes on the line!

As Steven came home, the rain got worse. Steven got home, when the lights went out and the whole city of Beach City too. Steven realized that he wouldn't get out of home to play so soon. Lightnings and bolts were getting worse everytime and the rain was getting stronger too. Suddenly, the Crystal Temple's door was opening. It was Bismuth.

(Sounds of the door) Wooonn...

Bismuth: Hey, Steven! Why is your room all dark and why are holding a bunch of clothes?

Steven: Oh, it's because it was raining and I don't want my... Oh! What's that?

Bismuth: Oh, that? It's a collar! Beautiful, isn't? I've found it in my room. I don't know who lefted there...

Steven: And it's a half diamond! Where's the other part?

Bismuth: I don't know. That's why I'm here. To try to look for the other part.

While Bismuth was looking for the other part of her new diamond collar, Steven took advantage to search for the nearby forecasts. Steven realized that it'll be rainy for days in Beach City. No energy and detained at home, Steven thought that it would be a good chance to make a Night Horror Stories night!

In the night, Steven got prepared for everything! He had the perfect stories, the perfect weather and the perfect part of the night. The midnight o'clock! Steven went, and called Lazulite and Bismuth.

Lazulite: Hey there, Steven! What's up?

Steven: Guys! Hey! Get up here! I'm gonna tell horror stories!

Lazulite: Horr... or...Stori...ries?

Bismuth: C'mon, Laz! It'll be fun! Also scary and strange, but fun!

Lazulite: Ok.

While there were walking up to Steven's room...

Lazulite: Hey! Is that a diamond collar?

Bismuth: Yeah...Pretty beautiful, isn't? Did you like it?

Lazulite: Wha...? Oh, I did! I did. Who lefted to you?

Bismuth: I don't know...

Lazulite: I wonder who could it be...!

When they got up in Steven's room, Steven got prepared and started it! He was telling stories that were so scary and so terrifying, even Lazulite was starting get scared. Actually, too much scared. More than normal! And he was so, so, so scared, that he got too much nervous and went out for some fresh air. Even in that hard rain.

While with Bismuth and Steven...

Steven: Wow! What's with him?

Bismuth: I don't really know. I think... he likes me.

While outside...

Lazulite was walking in circles to think, and suddenly, his body was changing form!

Lazulite: No. No! Oh, no!

And inside the house...

Steven: What do you mean, "he likes you"?

Bismuth: I don't know. I mean that he really, really likes me!

Outside again...

His body was getting bigger and bigger and his appearance was getting monstrous!

Lazulite (from normal to monster voice): What's happening?! Ahnnn... Ah!

Bismuth: Y'know... I think he lo...

(Sounds of crashing wood) Crack! Brohk!

Lazulite (monster voice): Waaaaahhhhh!!!!

Steven and Bismuth: Hunh!?!

They went out of the house as quick as possible and saw the front of the house all destroyed! They turned and saw a silhouette of a huge monster running in the opposite direction of the city. Bismuth got in panic! And at the same time thought "He killed Lazulite!!!".

With that all of that rain, it will be hard to see the silhouette of that monster. So Steven looked for an umbrella in his house.  When Steven got the umbrella, they started to run in the direction that the monster went. And when they arrived there, they've saw that monster fighting with a huge octopus with a huge crsytal in it's head! It was a corrupted gem.

The huge octopus tried to attack them, lauching crystal spikes on them. They contracted themselves to be protected from the spikes! And that huge monster appeared and used his own body as a shield! He was really resistent. And then, he got up of the huge octopus and string his claws on it! The octopus stopped and exploded and it returned to it's real form.

That monster saw that Bismuth and Steven were still frightened! So he ran to a huge cavern and Bismuth tried to follow it. She knows that monster was trying to hide from her.

Bismuth: Stop right there! NOW!

Lazulite (monster voice): Don't get any closer!

Bismuth: Why should I?

An strange silence took the place, the monster sat and said it with a soft voice:

Lazulite (soft monster voice): Do you remember this place?

Bismuth stared at him for some seconds and...

Bismuth: Wha...? What...? What do you know about this place?! The only ones who knows about this place it's me and... Lazulite?

The lightning revealed a huge blue monster in front and starring at her.

Bismuth: Laz, is that...?!

Lazulite (monster voice): I know. I'm horrible! I was cursed with fragments of black Tourmalines in my gem. Thenceforth, I turn into a beast everytime a got nervous. I'm sorry! I didn't want you to see this! (starts crying)

..., ..., ..., ...

Bismuth: You know what? You're MY monster and MY beast. And I'm never gonna leave you behind!

Lazulite: I got a surprise for you. Look!

Bismuth: What? Owhhh!!!

Bismuth saw that it was the another part of her collar diamond! And they completed it, the diamond was forming a heart and both that started crying and hugging each other, very tightly! The monster started to glow and it turned to Lazulite's normal form!

They got out of the cavern and called for Steven that they were going home. When they were there, Steven was already sleeping, but in the living room, in two makeshift beds, Lazulite and Bismuth could sleep in peace and togheter, holding each other's hands.

The End!

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